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House vs. Condo: Which One Should You Get?

Real estate is the safest long-term investment an individual can make. It all boils down to the type you would want to purchase.

As someone in the prime age looking for a good investment, chances are, you might have considered putting your hard-earned money into buying your first home. Lots and lots of ads about condos and townhouses appear on your news feed, and you start to get confused whether you should live in a condo or settle in a house. And before that, you may have been thinking whether to use your home for your needs or have it rented out. May it be a condo or a house, real estate is certainly a good investment. But wait— here are some points to ponder on before you do your first real estate purchase.

On ownership and maintenance

When you buy a house, you own it for life unless you decide to sell it. Same goes for condos as most developers nowadays offer perpetual ownership to investors which means that as long as the building stands, your unit is yours. However, there are key differences when it comes to maintenance of both options. For houses, the responsibility of maintaining them falls solely on the homeowner. Every repair, renovation, and extension will be shouldered by the owner, but the good thing here is that you have the final say on how you would customize the interior and exterior of your home. For condominiums, on the other hand, the management is usually the one responsible for maintenance and repairs. However, the owner can only decide on interior renovations and not on exterior ones since this is usually decided on by the homeowners' association. Unit extension is not possible since it would affect the building's structure.

On lifestyle and location

Living in a house is usually more quiet and more peaceful compared to living in a condo. This is because most subdivisions are situated away from the bustling metro, which makes this perfect for young families since the lifestyle is more laid-back unlike in the city. On the other hand, condos are usually situated in busy cities and are surrounded by several commercial establishments such as malls, restaurants, and supermarkets. This is perfect for young professionals who are always on-the-go and up-and-about for work and leisure.

On price

Suburban houses are usually cheaper as compared to those in the city, and condos are fairly cheaper than houses. However, this is not the case for some developments. Some condos can be more expensive than houses, and some houses can be more expensive than condos. Condos also have monthly association dues for the maintenance of the building. Thus, it is important to note that several factors such as location, surrounding developments, and even the reputation of the developer play a role in real estate pricing.

On amenities

Subdivisions, nowadays, have great amenities such as clubhouses, pools, courts, and parks. Again, this is perfect for young families since the lifestyle is more laid-back. Moreover, gatherings are also much more achievable since houses are usually larger, and clubhouses could also be utilized. On the other hand, condos usually come with a swimming pool, fitness gym, and function rooms. Some condos also have a basketball court or even a tennis court. Gatherings in condos are usually small and tight-knit since the space is smaller, but function rooms can be rented depending on the occasion.

On privacy and security

Although most subdivisions have security policies and personnel, gated subdivisions are relatively safer compared to non-gated subdivisions. Visitors are welcome as long as an identification card is presented especially when you are traveling by car. Moreover, security policies differ from neighborhood to neighborhood since the homeowners' needs vary. Subdivisions are also relatively more lenient since the area is much bigger and much harder to supervise. On the other hand, condos typically have tighter security policies. CCTVs are also present in almost all areas and floors, and security personnel usually screen everyone who comes through the entrance before they are allowed to enter the premises.

On comfort and convenience

Comfort and convenience, either in a house or in a condo, vary depending on your needs. Houses are typically much farther away from the city compared to condos, and this might be a deal-breaker for you if you are the type of person who is always strolling around the metro. However, houses are relatively much larger compared to condos, and this might be great for you if you are starting a family or if you are living with your parents and siblings. On the other hand, condos are much nearer to the metro which people usually find convenient. However, condo living is usually minimalist and compact since the space is limited, and thus, needs a person who is accustomed to living in a small space.

Final thoughts

"So which one should I get? Which is more appropriate for me?"

Short answer: it depends. Long answer, you should choose depending on your goal, purpose, and needs when acquiring your first home. You should first ask yourself questions such as:

"What is my goal for this home?"

"Why do I want to buy a house or a condo?"

"What are my needs (and wants)?"

These are some points you should ponder on before you spend your money and buy that home that you have been eyeing. Real estate investment involves a lot of risk, and you definitely would not want to invest on something that you would regret in the future.


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