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Home Updates That Match This Year's Pantone Color: Viva Magenta

The unconventional shade is new, vibrant, and optimistic - characteristics we want to see in our spaces this 2023.

Pantone has spoken - Viva Magenta 18-750 is 2023's Color of the Year.

The vibrant color is said to be "brave and fearless", an expression of strength and unbridled optimism toward a new future. Coming from the past few years riddled with the pandemic and social crises, viva magenta ushers in a pure joy and dynamic experimentation, and manifests a rebellious spirit that excites and drives passion.

Viva magenta's a crimson red that balances warm and cool tones, making it a loud yet flexible color to utilize in most items, including home decor. Interestingly enough, 2023's it color works well with many palettes used in interior design - from neutrals, jewel tones, to monochromes - meaning it may not be as hard as you think to implement the color in your current homes.

Here are a few home updates to get you excited for the new year and your revamped space:

Want a bold statement? Paint the walls.

Magenta wall and purple velvet couch

When incorporating a new hue to a space, many will look to wall paint as the go-to medium. That's because walls take a lot of space visually, and therefore command what the rest of the space will look like in terms of color and general aesthetic. So a magenta accent wall, for example, will definitely convey to anyone who enters the home that whoever lives here is inspired and confident, and ready to take on the day ahead!

There's something brave about taking a paint brush and painting a wall (or two!) which is exactly what viva magenta is all about. The dynamic and assertive hue demands attention, which is why you should reserve this paint color in areas that experience a lot of movement like the living space or the kitchen. Add dimension and texture to your walls by installing panels or utilizing painting techniques like sponging or ombré.

Find the accent wall conversation overdone and no longer inspiring? Take it to the ceiling instead! It's an unexpected choice and definitely makes a large impact in a space. A painted ceiling takes the eye up, consciously lengthening and opening up a room. And with a fun color like magenta, there's no way you or your guests will miss the party up top.

Get the bright hue on your textiles.

Magenta bedding from Anthropologie

Textiles are an inexpensive and non-committal way of injecting magenta into your space this new year. Textiles like curtains and beddings are things that you routinely change since they're items that need to get laundered (and if you don't, you better start now!) which is why they make for great opportunities to try out trends and new styles, in this case new colors.

If you're not big on the color but want to get in on the fun, you can start small with interchangeable beddings and sheets. If you're a big fan of minimalist decor and neutral palettes, start with a few accent throw pillows or a magenta blanket. If you're not afraid of color but need time to get used to this vibrant hue, make magenta your tertiary note in a jewel-tone palette.

Of course, if magenta turns out to be your favorite color, you can commit to the look by using magenta on larger textiles like area rugs.

Is it time for a furniture switch? Opt for a magenta version.

Magenta colored velvet couch with throw pillows and blanket in the middle of a living room

New year, new home pieces?

The new year almost always demands that we get rid of the old and make way for new things. So if your couch needs new cushions or your trusty bookshelf is slowly turning wonky with uneven weight (or at the very least needs a new coat of paint), now's a good time to explore new options and colors for investment pieces in the home.

Now, it may sound a bit daunting and quite scary to some - as magenta is nowhere near being called a muted color - but the biggest risks have the biggest pay-offs. A magenta couch is an immediate conversation starter, and a similarly-colored cabinet only puts the spotlight on whatever's displayed on the shelves. Viva magenta is all about optimism and fearlessness, so channel that positive energy in your home and attract even more positivity and personality by utilizing the color of the year.

Sprinkle magenta by utilizing colored decor finds.

Magenta tray and rug in a living room with a library wall

You may have already bought your investment furniture last year and don't feel the need to switch out this early (and you shouldn't have to because quality furniture is expensive and should last a while) but still want to use magenta in home pieces other than your linens and covers. In this case, don't be afraid to try the color in any and all decor pieces you want to incorporate in your space.

Remember, no matter how small the piece is, viva magenta tends to pack a punch. A magenta tray for your drinks will easily pop out when placed atop a black center table. A magenta toiletries set brings visual interest in a cool bathroom. A magenta Dutch oven that's placed on the stove 24/7 is a bright spot in a kitchen with neutral counters and backsplashes.

Bring the nature in.

Magenta flower in bottle atop books

In its exuberance, viva magenta is actually a color that's easily found in nature. Pantone chose the color precisely because of the world's continued appreciation for the natural world. Organically, magenta originates from the cochineal beetle, which produces the strong and bright carmine dye. In flora, magenta also manifests in pink-forward flowers and blooms, or red-violet -heavy leaves and shrubs.

Add these colors to your space by inviting the nature in and adorning your surfaces with plants and flowers. Add pink blooms to vases atop your center console or dining table, and root purple plants in your pocket gardens and windowsills. These not only bring life (literally) to your home but also provide that natural spark that only a confident color like magenta can push forward.