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Top Interior Design Styles Fit For Filipino Homes

There are many ways to style a home in the Philippines, with some being popular options for local interior design.

Every home is a unique representation of the people living in it. In the Philippines, personal spaces are characterized by the use of native materials, family heirloom pieces that's been passed from generation to generation, and other décor that's distinct to local spaces. From modern farmhouse to rustic, here are the top interior design styles that work best in homes and the elements that scream Filipino:


Transitional style dining area with modern table and seating and traditional architecture

Transitional design is all about mixing the classic and contemporary, traditional and modern. Transitional interior design and décor and an amalgamation of various design styles that together create a cohesive look in a space. The transitional design style is perfect for ancestral houses with traditional architecture, or newer builds with hand-me-down furniture.

In terms of design elements, transitional designers tend to focus on tones and textures versus colors. Texture can be achieved not just with textiles, but also with the way materials are used and laid out. For example, placing wooden planks in a herringbone design creates visual texture and interest without the use of an area rug.

Colors can be introduced through accessories and smaller accents, but should never overpower a transitional space. As a standard rule, limit your palette to four to five tones of a similar hue.

There is a lot of freedom when it comes to furnishings. While it may be best to stick to wood when thinking of large-scale, grounding furniture, there are ways to implement more contemporary touches to the space. For example, you can make a grand dining table feel transitional by matching it with opaque Lucite chairs. You can also hang a modern style chandelier that's equal parts traditional and still fresh.


Modern minimalist style living room with lush green plants

Modern interior design has its roots in minimalist style, focusing on an uncluttered and sleek style that evokes a sense of simplicity and calm. Clean lines, neutral colors, and natural materials make for an understated interior design style that's fuss-free, zero-fluff. Large windows are kept clear and unadorned, tables and shelves are never filled to the brim, and embellishments are few and far in between, with a space of their own in the home.

The modern interior design style is perfect for open plan concept homes and contemporary style spaces like the newly built condos in Metro Manila. Large-scale furniture are used to section off areas in the home, like a low and long sectional sofa or a minimalist kitchen island. In terms of make, favored materials in modern style include steel, glass, and chrome. Woods can feel modern so long as they're treated and simple.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse kitchen with large marble island

Filled with comfort and charm, the modern farmhouse style is popular among home designers and renovators around the world. It's traditional without looking dated, and minimalist (in its colors and simplicity of make) without being boring. This has to do with the use of reclaimed natural materials and organic fibers that have some wear and tear, alongside the presence of up-to-date items like new lighting fixtures and modern appliances.

Unlike the standard farmhouse style, modern farmhouse design is less rustic and more contemporary, even with the use of antique décor or salvaged woods. Think barn doors with crisp metal hinges, or a wooden island housing your go-to smart appliances. The balance of pastoral and refined in modern farmhouse interior design is tricky to achieve and yet when done right, can evoke a sense of comfort without feeling too kitschy and almost unlivable.

If the pandemic has led you somewhere far from the city and nearer a serene farm or a beautiful beach (which the Philippines has a lot of), the modern farmhouse style may work best for your space. Since the color palette is mostly neutral, bring life to your space by introducing natural blues and greens through fresh plants and a killer view of the outdoors from your window.


Close up of rustic style seating

Rustic interior design, in a nutshell, utilizes natural elements and builds a simple and warm space that feels inviting, unassuming, and comfortable. Organic and natural materials bring that undone-ness that's a bit rough around the edges but still warm, a rare look that makes a home feel lived in. Woods, rattans, and other materials easily found in nature — untreated yet preserved — can be used together in to form the foundation of a rustic dreamland.

With rustic style, textures and shapes take center stage. A roughness and imperfection is present in nature, and keeping materials as close as possible to their natural states is key in designing rustic spaces. Visual interest is possible to achieve when layering textiles, skipping clean lines in favor of rugged surfaces, and filling your space with handmade pieces.

Rustic design makes a lot of sense in cabin-type lodging. So if you have a vacation home up in Baguio or Tagaytay, this interior design style is straightforward and effective. That said, you shouldn't limit yourself and just match the design with the context of your space. Rustic interiors can make a cookie-cutter condo in the city feel warm and lived in, and can even provide an escape from the metro hustle. (Looking for a place to transform that's right-smack in the city center? Browse through our property listings here.)


Industrial style bedroom with exposed beams and unfinished beams plus classic elements and furnishings

Exposing what is typically concealed and highlighting vintage décor are the main features of industrial interior design. Rare, utilitarian, cool — industrial styled interiors are known for focusing on utility and versatility, with no fuss. In the home, industrial style presents itself in the juxtaposition of cold, hard structure and warm, soft furnishings. Think concrete slabs and metal beams in a bedroom with plush bedding and warm lights.

Perfect for condos or loft apartments, industrial interior design emphasizes good construction without the detailed ornamentation and maximalist style forms. Accessories — usually limited in an industrial space — are often vintage or reclaimed, as industrial design focuses on character and rawness. So long as these antique pieces are restored and properly maintained, they can rival anything you can buy from the furniture store. That heirloom credenza you've inherited from your lola might just be the perfect entryway storage in your industrial style home.

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