Articles Lifestyle Money Saving Tips: What you can do with your Aguinaldos and Angpaos

Money Saving Tips: What you can do with your Aguinaldos and Angpaos

Make the most out of your Christmas money this holiday season by exploring different investment tools! It's never too late to get started.

1. Make stock market investments

Making an investment involves a sizable financial risk, particularly if large funds are involved. However, the dangers of investing in stocks at the Philippine Stock Exchange are only matched by greater potential for profit.

You can become a stakeholder of a successful company listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange Index by investing in or purchasing stock. You can start your investment strategy by opening a brokerage account for as little as P5,000.

2. Put money into mutual funds

Mutual funds source their contributions from a group of investors to build up a sizeable asset base that can accommodate a sizable number of investors. Additionally, it calls for a fund manager to make knowledgeable choices for your investment portfolio. People become shareholders in a mutual fund, just like with stocks, and make money through investments in securities.

Mutual funds undoubtedly carry lower risks than other investment options, but this tremendous benefit has a catch in the form of increased operational costs and fees.

3. Purchase ETFs.

If cost-effectiveness is a consideration, ETFs, a class of index funds, are more affordable than mutual funds. In contrast to the latter, you are not assessed load fees or a percentage of your investment. Another factor contributing to its cost effectiveness is the fact that professional fund managers do not actively manage it. It goes without saying that hiring a fund manager will increase the expense ratio because management fees are required.

How can you profit from it? The fund can be sold to generate income because it will gain value and profitability over time.

4. Invest in funds for long-term bonds.

Bonds are one of the most effective investment vehicles in the Philippine market environment for producing high yields on interest payments. Bonds are securities that can be issued as both corporate and government bonds.

Simply explained, bonds are issued by businesses or governments with the promise that the borrowed funds would be paid back to investors with interest when they mature. Bonds often offer higher stability and regularity of returns than stock investments, making bond investing safer overall. Risks are still there, nevertheless, to some extent.

5. Invest in life insurance with a monetary value.

Benefits from life insurance policies are provided to a person's surviving loved ones. Cash value life insurance is an investment vehicle that you might think about joining, unless you have term life insurance, which does not enable this investing option.

A portion of your premium will be deposited into your savings account, where you can choose to invest the money as it grows or choose loans.

The drawback of this sort of life insurance is that substantially bigger premium payments are permitted. In terms of potential earnings, it is similarly insignificant in contrast to other investing strategies. Nevertheless, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, it is still a respectable investment. That is, work while you are still alive so that when the time comes, your loved ones can benefit greatly.

6. Invest in property

Owning real estate with the intent to generate revenue, such as a house and lot, constitutes a real estate investment. Given its potential for cash flow, tax advantages, and protection from the effects of inflation, investing in real estate can be advantageous.

Real estate investors are offered substantially lower risks compared to stock investors in terms of stability and stable price growth. Real estate investment has shown to be tenacious and has managed to not only maintain but also grow its profitability even at the height of the coronavirus crisis.

Buy-and-sell, buy-and-hold, rental properties, and Real Estate Investment Trusts are some examples of real estate investment strategies. With the latter, you can invest without necessarily purchasing real estate. Similar to stocks, it operates by investing in publicly traded companies that manage commercial real estate, including office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels.

If investing in real estate appeals to you or if you're searching for an affordable home and lot for permanent residence, Lumina Homes has a strong reputation for creating homes that are both affordable and conveniently located.

Additionally, Pag-IBIG Fund has named Lumina, an award-winning homebuilding company, as the "Number One" Developer in terms of housing loan takeout and having provided services to the greatest number of housing borrowers.

In Rosario, the cost of basic necessities rises each year, with housing accounting for the largest share of household spending. Because of this, a lot of people wonder whether renting or buying a condo is preferable.

The price per square meter in Pasig reported a stable increase rate, therefore considering the current property prices, purchasing would be the best choice. You can increase the return on your investment if you purchase a condominium in the Haraya Residences.

You may make the most of the excellent value for money offered in properties for sale nowadays by taking into account the average cost of a condo in Rosario.

What to anticipate from a condo for sale in Rosario's Haraya Residences in Pasig

Look into flexible financing choices from several banks and governmental organizations, like Pag-IBIG Fund, GSIS, and SSS, to secure the funding you need for your ideal condominium.

The price fluctuation of condos in Rosario's Haraya Residences over the previous two years indicates that purchasing one might be a wise investment. A condo for sale is more likely to provide long-term value for your money based on its historical performance.

Maximize your money by investing in a condo in Haraya Residences. You may find mixed-use complexes at Haraya Residences, Rosario that will enable you to embrace practical and, more significantly, convenient living.

These townships make it convenient for residents to live close to important amenities from their condo in Rosario. These businesses could include co-working spaces, entertainment centers, retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, banks, and beautifully designed parks. When living in the Haraya Residences, you can easily access schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, gas stations, and other road and transportation networks while taking advantage of a condo whose value is rising over time.

Along with all of this, your Rosario condo offers a variety of year-round recreational amenities. You can embrace many hobbies and interests and make the most of your investment as it increases in value by taking advantage of amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, function rooms, multipurpose courts, and activity centers.

Compare the cost of the condo you are considering to Rosario's average price per square meter. You may see how your investment can increase over time using the historical statistics provided.

As you compare rates, don't forget to take the sorts of model units and floor sizes into account. This will help you ensure that the Pasig condo you choose will suit your contemporary way of life.