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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Balcony (No Matter How Small It Is!)

Having a balcony is a luxury not everyone can afford, no matter how small it is. Maximize the potential of your private outdoor space by employing one (or all) of these decorating ideas.

A private balcony (or an outdoor space) is pretty much unheard of, especially as you move toward the center of the metro, where real estate is set at a premium. (Want to build a life in the city where cool things happen? Browse through our listed properties here.) And if you're lucky enough to have one no matter how tiny it is you better make the most out of it and create everyone's new favorite spot in your home.

Balconies and outdoor spaces in general can function as many things, and can transform into virtually anything you want them to be. From where you serve your Friendsgiving dinners to where you do your morning yoga, terraces can be revamped to your interior design taste with a little attention (and a bit of shopping!)

If you're lost as to how you can make your balcony the next it space that your friends will want to have all your gatherings in, read on to find a couple of ideas that will hopefully help you in the decorating process. Don't worry while it's more than setting out a chair outside, it's not as complicated as you're probably thinking.

Enjoy alfresco dining.

Glass sliding door covering a midcentury modern breakfast setup on terrace

One of the most popular ways balconies function is as dining nooks. There's something so romantic and idyllic about enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning while watching the world go on around you.

Make sure that you have enough seating and table space to make eating outdoors comfortable, and appropriate lighting for when you decide to have dinners on your decks. Ceiling pendants or sconces are a popular lighting choice, but fairy lights have been getting traction among the younger crowds.

If you wish to have your balcony function as more than just your breakfast spot, consider foldable tables and chairs that are easy to bring back in and store. On the flipside, if you're dead set on turning your terrace into a second dining room, you can choose to install built-in seating. That way, you'll never have to worry about your furniture flying away in crazy weather.

Tend to a garden in your terrace.

Small plants and pots on tiled balcony floor

Missing a backyard in your condo? Mimic the natural feel of a full-blown garden by packing your terrace with planters of all shapes and sizes, and increase curb appeal in the process. Plants not only bring tranquility to a space, but also offer many health benefits (i.e. cleaning that city air) that you just can't pass up. Moreover, plants can function as shade for when the sun is harsh in your balcony's direction, or as a screen that increases the feel of privacy in your space.

Many plants thrive in the outdoors such is the way of the earth so as long as you understand how and when the sun hits your personal outdoor space, you'll be confident that your plant babies will grow.

Take the party outside.

Two wine glasses on top of wooden table

It may sometimes not feel like it, but happy hour is still a thing and you can make it a regular event at home by decorating your balcony to be a spot for cocktails. Bring a lot of chairs, a table (or a foot stool that doubles as a table when topped with a tray), and a minibar outside and enjoy as your neighbors fawn over your private space. A daybed works as both a lounger in the AM and a multi-seater for your family or guests when the sun sets.

And if you're the type to enjoy the cozy ease of being buried in textiles and all things cotton you can also opt to set everything up on the floor the right poufs, pillows, and rugs can turn your balcony into the most comfortable space in your home. And frankly, what's a better way to drink your post-dinner wine?

Turn your outdoor space into a mini vacation spot.

Wooden table and wicker seats on plank terrace with glass railing

Being blessed with a spectacular view should encourage you to take advantage of your scenic surroundings and design an outdoor space where you can lounge, dine, and entertain guests. In a time where travel is not as accessible, it's advisable that you create zones in your home that function as an escape from the "real world."

Make sure that you fill up your balcony with furniture that screams relaxation - the appliances should be relatively simple to operate (i.e. a classic barbecue grill or a ceiling fan that works on a pull chain) and the seating extra indulgent (think the softest lounge chairs.)

That said, there's really no need for elaborate furnishings in your outdoor space, since you and your guests will be too focused on the beautiful environment you're facing every time you step out into your balcony. In fact, let your views speak for themselves and choose understated home pieces instead.

Choosing the right furniture for your balcony or terrace is critical in designing a functional and stylish home throughout. Here are a few things you must consider when picking out what goes into your outdoor oasis:

  1. Make sure your furniture is outdoor-appropriate.  If your terrace doesn't come with a roof, opt for rain-resistant furniture or invest in waterproof covers that will protect your outdoor home pieces from the elements. No one to lounge in a soggy mess after an unexpected downpour. Think plastic, wrought iron, or resin wicker.
  2. Don't fill your balcony with small ornaments that may be displaced by a strong wind.  Keep your precious mementos indoors, where you're sure to find them even when they get knocked over. Plants, however, are a classic and ingenious way to decorate your balcony. Just make sure they're weighed down and fairly stable.
  3. Design with pieces that mimic the aesthetic of the rest of your space.  Your balcony and outdoor spaces are still part of your home (even if most people leave those last) - make sure the design flows from room to room. At the end of the day, you want to be able to go home to a space that reflects your personality and tastes through and through.

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