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Outlet Malls and Villages in Japan – Which One is the Biggest in Japan?

Japan has many notable places to shop from but here are the top 5 premium outlets.

With the Covid-19 travel restrictions eased, Tokyo was named the top trending destination by the travel portal TripAdvisor’s Best Places to Visit in 2024 ranking. Apart from the futuristic skyscrapers, traditional temples and shrines, lovely animal cafes and gourmet tours, shopping in Japan is becoming cheaper than ever due to weak yen against major currencies.

In October 2022, the Japanese yen crossed the 151.94-yen mark, which brought the currency to a 33-year low against US dollar since July 1990. In November 2023, the yen weakened against other currencies as well, reaching 161-mark versus the euro, falling to its lowest against the eurozone’s single currency since 2008, and the 111 position against the Singapore dollar, a level last seen in 1985.

Outlet Malls in Japan

The weak yen makes everything in Japan more affordable, and the same applies those products sold at outlet malls and villages. There are 32 outlet malls with more than 10 merchandise stores registered under the Japan Council of Shopping Centers. While Gotemba Premium Outlets would be the most known one, there are many others you can visit during your trip. Here are the top 5 in terms of the number of stores.

1. Gotemba Premium Outlets (Shizuoka)

This flagship Premium Outlets has 292 outlet stores as of January 2024 in the vast 422,000 sqm premises. The retail area about 61,000 sqm is one of the largest in Japan. If the weather permits, you can also enjoy the view of the World Heritage Site - Mt. Fuji.

There are direct buses from major train stations and tourist attractions to this outlet village, including from/to Kawaguchiko Station, Fuji-Q Highland amusement park, and Hakone-Yumoto Station.

From/to Tokyo Station, the bus runs costs 2,000 yen per trip (3,500 yen for a return trip) and it takes about 1 hour 25 minutes. The bus is just convenient, especially on the way back, for those who just want to take a nap after a shopping spree with a lot of walking in the village.

For more information, visit here.

2. Mitsui Outlet Park Kisarazu (Chiba)

This outlet village boasts the largest number of outlets in Japan officially (about 310 stores according to the operator Mitsui Fudosan’s website) and second with 275 stores actually listed on the outlet’s official website as of January 2024.

There are six buses running to the outlet village on weekdays and eleven buses on weekends from Tokyo Station and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the village. This is perfect if you would like some flexibility in your itinerary.

For more information, visit here.

3. Mitsui Outlet Park Jazz Dream Nagashima (Mie)

Located next to the amusement park Nagashima Spa Land and near Nabana no Sato flower garden in Mie Prefecture, this outlet village is good for a one-day outing from Nagoya.

Nagashima Spa Land ranks no.1 in Japan in terms of the number of rollercoasters, offering twelve rollercoasters ranging from kiddy rides to the world longest Steel Dragon and the world’s second longest and tallest hybrid rollercoaster Hakugei. You could enjoy the rides (with relatively less waiting time for a major amusement park in Japan) during the day and when you are tired of screaming on the thrill rides, you could head to the outlet village for a cup of coffee and a stroll to find some good deals.

This is the second largest outlet village with about 300 stores according to the operator Mitsui Fudosan’s website and the third largest based on the number of stores actually listed on the outlet’s official website as of January 2024 (271 stores).

For more information, visit here.

4. Rinku Premium Outlets (Osaka)

If you are visiting Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara area, this outlet village is the most convenient for you. With 249 stores, this is the fourth largest outlet village in Japan and the largest in the Western Japan. Located just fifteen minutes bus-ride away from Kansai Airport with the direct bus running daily, this is a perfect spot to drop by before flying back home from the airport. The direct bus runs every one hour except for lunch time.

For those who are driving to this outlet village via Izumi-Sano Minami Exit or Izumi-Sano Kita Exit on the Hanshin Expressway No.4 Wangan Route by using ETC card, check out the promotion where you can get a voucher if you show your ETC card used for the trip to the outlet at the information center. The promotion runs from January 22, 2024 to April 10, 2024. Please see the website for more details.

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5. Grandberry Park Minami-Machida (Tokyo)

Grandberry Park Minami-Machida is the fifth largest outlet mall in Japan and the largest in Tokyo. Although this mall does not have many luxury brand stores, the entire park is formed by the outlet shopping mall, a cinema, Snoopy Museum and Tsuruma Park, making this place a best destination for families.

As the mall is connected to Minami-Machida Grandberry Park Station on the Tokyu Den-en-Toshi Line, just a 33-minute train-ride from Shibuya Station, this place is ideal for those who prefer not driving in the crowded Tokyo.

For more information, visit here.

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