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Pasig City for the Local Enthusiast

Pasig City offers a modern experience with its diverse range of residential communities and urban amenities to suit the local inhabitants.

Named after the river that runs across this vibrant city, Pasig is now known as home to various commercial, residential, and entertainment developments, including prominent local companies and establishments. This city offers opportunities and amenities for young professionals, small families, and other walks of life.

Pasig is also a notable center of environmental and ecological efforts. It has been dubbed the Green City for its sustainability movements that help rehabilitate the Pasig River and the local communities.

Pasig for the Professionals

Pasig City is a prime location for real estate investments due to its strategic location, robust economy, and booming commercial environment. Here are a few thriving local businesses that have set headquarters within the city:


Image from Rappler Philippines

Jollibee Foods Corporation (Jollibee) is the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines, with over 1,150 branches. Known for its famous Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, Burger Steak, and other classics, this well-loved brand has stood firm against other local and international competitors in the fast-food industry. This popularity is shown by the company's growth in its net income, with Philippine Stock Exchange reporting a 33.4% year-on-year increase to P7.34 billion in 2022.


Image from JG Summit Media

The Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company (Meralco) has been operational since 1948, providing electric light, power, and transportation systems to Manila. It is the largest private-sector electric distribution utility company in the Philippines, spanning over 38 cities and 73 municipalities. As a company providing staple utility to Philippine homes, it services a great power demand—especially with the growth and reliance on electronics and technology-based systems.


Image from the Community to Protect Journalists (CPG)

As a well-known Philippine journalism outlet in social media, Rappler (owned by Rappler Holdings Corporation) has become a staple source of online news used by Filipinos and international purveyors. The online news source was founded by 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa, who (alongside her fellow journalists) championed digital media to spread reliable news and information to their peers. For 2023, the journalism website uses the tagline "Fearless and independent journalism" to establish its initiative of being a trusted platform amongst the various social media landscapes.


Image from BusinessWorld Online

UnionBank of the Philippines (UnionBank) is a steady-growing banking institution offering numerous financial services to Filipinos. Based on surveys conducted by The Asian Banker International Advisory Council, Unionbank was recently voted as the Best Retail Bank in the Philippines Most Recommended for the fourth time in 2022, as well as the Most Recommended  Retail Bank in the Philippines. In August last year, the bank acquired Citibank's Philippines Consumer Business. This sale is expected to reap a positive capital benefit of approximately USD 700 million and open opportunities for growth within the institution.

Pasig for Shopping and Lifestyle

A thriving economic community comes well paired with various shopping and lifestyle complexes for residents and visitors alike. Here are some notable places for shopping in Pasig City:

Capitol Commons (Estancia Mall)

Image from Property Report PH

Developed by the Ortigas Group, Capitol Commons is a mixed-use development in Pasig containing condominiums, groceries, eateries, shopping areas, and more. A popular destination within the Capitol Commons is Estancia Mall—a growing shopping center known for its upscale offerings and restaurants. Residents within the area will find convenience with the location of the development, as it is also close to many other shopping and lifestyle complexes, such as Ayala 30th and the Ortigas Center.


Image from Esquire Magazine

Food enthusiasts looking for fun dining experiences will find a large variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars in Kapitolyo. Friend groups can enjoy a food trip across its slew of restaurants which range from upscale to budget offerings, serving food from all different cuisines and specialties.


Image from Ortigas Malls

Shoppers and pet lovers will know Tiendesitas as a one-stop shop for all things cultural and local. The complex's structure takes inspiration from Filipino-Maranao architecture, with open-space pavilions under cogon grass rooves. Each pavilion houses a retail category, varying from handicrafts, novelties, fashion, pet, food, and more. During the holidays, Tiendesitas hosts various events, bazaars, and installations frequently visited by Filipinos across Metro Manila.

Ortigas Center

Image from Colliers

The Ortigas Center hosts several malls, enterprises, and lifestyle complexes across Mandaluyong, Pasig, and Quezon City. Filipinos across Metro Manila frequent the area to spend a day shopping and dining at various establishments, making it a popular destination for lifestyle activities. For more information about the Ortigas Center, feel free to read this article and see our noted highlights of the district.

Pasig for Family-fun Activities

The city offers numerous parks, sports facilities, and entertainment venues, providing opportunities for family-friendly recreational pursuits. Here are two of the top-visited recreational spots in the city:

RAVE Rainforest Adventure Experience

Image by Matteo Aquino

To promote sustainability in the Green City, RAVE Rainforest Adventure Experience is Pasig's public park with diverse fun-filled areas for friends and families to enjoy. Aside from the Rainforest Adventure experience, the park's attractions include a botanical garden, boating lagoon, picnic grove, and other recreational areas. With its nature-filled experiences and atmosphere, RAVE provides the locals with a break from the hustle and bustle of Pasig City.

Ark Avilon Zoo

Image from TripAdvisor

For an indoor nature-filled experience, Ark Avilon Zoo is a fun activity for families to explore a vivarium of animals without leaving the city. It is funded and operated by the Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation (a non-profit organization that aims to spread conservation efforts within the Philippines). The zoo is popular amongst local schools for field trips and outbound educational programs, as they can provide an immersive indoor zoo experience that allows visitors to pet and interact with the animals while discovering facts about them.

Pasig as an Investment Option

With the city's rich commercial and lifestyle landscape, Pasig is a prominent city in Metro Manila with a distinctive blend of modernity and heritage. Should one seek to make a home and look for opportunities with Pasig, they will find themselves contented with the work-life balance that  this city can offer.