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Pinterest-Predicted Interior Design Trends

These 6 interior design trends are all everybody's talking about on Pinterest. Which ones have you been sporting in your space?

Pinterest has cemented its status as the go-to social media platform for interior design enthusiasts to follow trends, seek out interior design and furniture brands and influencers, and find inspiration on how to decorate their personal spaces. Thus, it's no surprise everyone refers to the site when thinking about and wanting to know what's currently in and fashionable in the interior design world.

So what exactly does a Pinterest search show as the interior design trends to watch out for?

Japandi Design

Wooden cabinet and chair in Japanese and Scandinavian designed space

Making waves in the Pinterest space, "Japandi" — as it is aptly named — is a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles. Japandi is a version of minimalism that focuses on simple and uncluttered design, natural materials, and imperfect pieces that have stood the test of time.

This means the use of few, double-duty furniture in simple, clean lines and makes, the inclination toward natural woods and raw, minimally-processed fabrics, and the touch of unrefined, almost-gritty accessories like unglazed pottery. These characteristics must cut across paints and flooring, furniture, decor, and even lighting implements.

In terms of colors, Japandi style does not stray away from calming neutral shades of beiges and grays. If colors must be integrated, Japandi design demands that the hues be the muted and pale counterparts. Think greens that almost look like browns or blues that venture into the gray side of the spectrum.

Biophilic Elements

Tree in a transitional lounging space in the home

The pandemic has really made many rethink their living spaces, with many forced indoors and itching to get a semblance of the outside environment that they can't enjoy in suburban homes and metropolitan real estate. As a result, some homeowners have redesigned and reconstructed their spaces to include more outdoor square footage or larger windows and doorways to open the home to the outdoors. Some even integrated natural designs like plant-covered walls or indoor fountains and ponds.

A perfect blend of natural and organic home elements, biophilic interior design is all about returning to the simple roots and prioritizing indoor-outdoor living. This can take form in something as simple as opening up the kitchen to an outdoor patio to something as intricate as indoor gardens and water installations. The idea is that nature is something you can engage with and sense. It's all about the sound of water flowing, the smell of fresh flowers and herbs, and the expansive feeling of seeing outside your four walls.

If you live in an apartment or condominium, biophilic style is still possible with the use of aquariums, indoor plants, smaller fountains, and even a balcony garden if that's a space you're fortunate to have. If you're looking to move out to a home with killer natural views, sufficient, outdoor space, and land you can actually plant in, check out our property listings here.

Boho Glam Spaces

Boho glam style office and guest room

Bohemian interior design need not be frumpy and cluttered, it can also be glamorous and styled. The boho glam design style is a great marriage between the quirkiness of boho elements and the chicness of glam, classic features. Bright, bold colors adorned with intricate patterns and a seemingly-careless hotchpotch of decor both lend to the carefree, striking bohemian style. On the other hand, glitz and metals and jewel tones scream glam. Together, they blend into a design style that's both relaxed and fabulous, and when done right, creates a space that's beautifully designed.

The key features of boho glam are metallic elements that are integrated with bohemian elements like wild greenery and hippie fabric weaves, and luxurious materials like marble and silk juxtaposed with older, more down-to-earth makes like rattan and linen.

Lighting is another key element in turning a space into a boho glam paradise. Lighting in boho glam homes demand attention and are not reduced to recessed implements - think intricate lampshades and heavy chandeliers. Fringe and beading are quintessentially bohemian, while shine and glitter are all glam.

All About Vintage

Vintage lamp on vintage nightstand beside a vintage bed and frame

Vintage decor and styles have also made a major comeback, and many spaces are following the trend. This regard for secondhand, seasoned garb has been influenced heavily by the popular art and media that we see on our screens today (hello, Stranger Things and Bridgerton) as well as the emerging social consciousness on climate change and sustainability.

Vintage furnishings and accessories are special because they're basically unique to an owner and a space. Different home pieces from different eras exude different vibes and lend to very varied atmospheres in a space. The trick is to mix and match from different styles without losing the integrity of the space. Too much of the same vintage style tends to make a space feel like a period shooting location, and too few or no vintage elements make a space look like a boring catalogue spread. Focus on the perfect in between.

Graphic Prints

Graphic checkerboard tile in a white bathroom with ceramic sink and toilet

Statement walls, floors, and decor — specifically graphic patterns — are all the rage in spaces designed this year. Checkerboards and stripes in all colors and thickness can be found everywhere and are bringing in visual interest without necessarily being too detailed and miniscule. Black-and-white designs — like cow print or checkers — can make an otherwise minimalist space feel layered and homey, while more complex graphics and bright colors allow a maximalist space even more dimension. Either way, graphics are in and can be implemented in most design styles.

Simpler shapes and cuts should also be a fairly easy design to DIY, so if this is a design you're interested to hack and try without spending too much, grab a few brushes and a few cans, and get to painting.

Arches, Arches, Arches

Bamboo arch home decor and brown pillow on brown couch

A quick search on Pinterest and even Instagram will show you interiors filled with arch decor, curved walls, and even egg shaped furniture. The soft curves have found their way across all parts of the home, from doors to cabinetry and even mirrors. Of course, arches are nothing new — being quite popular in Spanish and Mediterranean homes, among others — but the resurgence is quite interesting given that curved designs are now mostly used in more minimalist style abodes.

There is an almost-fluidity to curved interiors that trump over the structured lines and corners of traditional design, and a visual interest that makes curves a great alternative to your run-of-the-mill corners and cuts. Implement the curves anywhere in your home — from recessed shelving to kitchen islands to exterior walls - and find your space immediately transformed.