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Property Listing 101

Learn the basics of creating an attractive and attention-catching online property listing.

Along with the steady growth of the real estate industry is the ever increasing amount of available properties online. With the various listings present, it is for sure a challenge to make yours stand out.

However, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips, and advice to get your listing approved, and gain more traction.

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Showcase your property with HIGH QUALITY  photos.

Make sure you have a good understanding of the space you’re responsible for putting on the market. Try walking through, as if you’re taking someone on a tour. Take photos of what you’d like to highlight in each area, and think about what you would like to see if you were shopping around for a new home or investment. Remember: you are not just selling a piece of property; you are selling someone’s potential home. You would want your prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in that space.

Here are some photography tips to help you show off your property:

a.) Be sure to have good and even lighting, may it be natural lighting, artificial lighting, or both. Take a look at your photos and try to minimize the shadows. You want people looking at your photos, and imagining themselves in it; you don’t want them to be distracted by bad photography.

b.) Take photos from the corner of the room to make the space appear bigger.

c.) Make sure that the place is clean and tidy. Stylize your property if possible to make it easier for the viewer to imagine what it would look like when they live there. This can be as simple as a vase with flowers (even fake ones), some throw pillows, a few books; you just need a little bit to get their imagination running. Just be sure to keep it classic, and clean so that the viewers won’t get distracted by them. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources for inspiration.

Take clear and high resolution photos with no people in the background. Be wary of reflective surfaces because sometimes we don’t notice that our reflection is in the photo, and it can take the viewer away from the fantasy. It also looks way more professional when the shots are clean, neat, and free from distractions.

Once you’ve got your professional looking shots, pick the best ones that showcase different parts of your property and upload them to the site.

Be straightforward with your listing title.

Keep your listing title short and simple. This does not have to be flashy like some headline from an advertisement flyer. Make it straight to the point so that your potential buyers know what kind of property you offer. If you add too many words, punctuation marks, and even emojis, it would be unpleasant to read, or make it seem less professional.

Here are our recommended listing title formats:

a.) {{No. of Bedrooms}} BR – {{Property Type}} in {{Building Name or City or Municipality or Province}}

E.g. 1BR – Condo in Aruga Resort and Residences, Lapu-Lapu, Cebu

b.) {{Area Size}} SQM – House and Lot in {{Subdivision Name or City or Municipality or Province}}

E.g. 706 SQM – House and Lot in Malolos City, Bulacan

Don’t forget to keep your titles in ‘Title Case’!

Go beyond your photos with your listing description.

Cover what your photos were not able to provide with your description. Highlight the desirable aspects that the buyer might not know or notice just by looking at the photos. Also include the amenities that may not have been provided in the uploading form.

Describe your property in a way that creates visual imagery that can spark emotion. But do not exaggerate and go overboard! Pick only those that stay true to your property. Remember: the description sets up the buyer’s expectation. You can showcase it but you should not oversell it.

Most importantly, keep it concise and within 200 words. You would not want to overwhelm your buyers with words! It will also give you more to talk about when you have your first meeting.

Add a call to action.

The best way to conclude your listing (description) is to have a call to action. Tell your buyers that this property can be theirs by acting and calling now!

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