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Real Estate Agent Beginner Checklist

Are you a new real estate agent? Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to success.

Imagine this scenario: you’ve just successfully become a licensed real estate agent and you’re ready to build your career in the real estate industry. Now… where do you start? What happens now? There’s no definitive path toward being a successful real estate agent. But there will always be a way to get there.

Here is a quick checklist (or tips)  for new real estate agents to help in developing your path to success.

#1 Build your network

There’s no better way to build your network than starting with your current circle of friends and family. Let them know about your intention of being a real estate agent during the early stages of your career. You’ll want them to have you first in mind when they ever think of purchasing a home or investing in real estate.

In fact, it’s best to start building your network of contacts even before you get your license, not after. Consider this as your basic foundation to building your career as an agent.

#2 Find the right developer or brokerage to work with

Consider the culture, the team, and the work-life balance in the firm you’ll be working with. Most importantly, consider working with a firm that has a good reputation. This is especially good when you want to build a long-lasting career in real estate. It is also beneficial for beginner real estate agents.

#3 Consider this a business

Being a real estate agent is in fact a business. You have to be mindful of your branding, your mission and vision, and your marketing. Holding a license is simply no longer enough. Building yourself as your own business entity can separate you from the rest of the lot.

You may also want to focus on a certain market. Targeting a broad marker may put you in a disadvantageous position in the long run. It can be easier for consumers to recall you when you have a specialty they can associate with. For instance, you can specialize in premium luxury properties or affordable townhouses. The more narrowed down your market is, the easier it is for you to know who to approach.

#4 Connect with your community

Do not neglect your contacts. Connect with them from time to time. It can be as easy as catching up with them to keep the agent-consumer relationship. This is especially important when your network already consists of leads.

Consistent communication with your leads helps in keeping them warm and closer to converting to a sale. Not only that, but it also builds a new real estate agent’s reputation.

#5 Be active online

It’s the digital age and everyone is present online – from potential buyers to fellow agents. More often than not, people do their search online first.

By maintaining an online presence, you can expand your network and bring in potential clients in your existing community.

#6 Invest in ads

Organic ads mostly work the best for established agents or brands. As a beginner real estate agent, paid ads are a good investment to build your reach and your brand. It is a great way to boost your lead generation and even secure a sale.

#7 Foster a good working relationship with your colleagues

Your colleagues are your greatest competitor and ally. You can grow into a great real estate agent by learning from fellow agents that have been in the field longer. They can be your source of advice and even connections. Looking at it from another perspective, they are valuable resources that can help you grow in the field.

#8 Continue to invest in yourself

Continue to seek knowledge and study to keep your license. In order to survive in the real estate industry, it is vital to keep adapting and evolving with the times. Learn about digital marketing, social media marketing, and even photography.

You can also seek mentorship from veteran real estate agents to learn more about how the market has changed over time. Having too much knowledge is not necessarily a bad thing. But stopping yourself from learning newer things is.

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