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Storage Solutions for Children’s Toys & Things

Reclaim your space with these smart storage solutions for your kid’s toys and things.

A tidy room is possible even if your children love to play around. You do not have to clean up and organize their toys all the time. The trick is in having smart storage solutions that make tidying up almost effortless.

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Keep reading to learn more about the smart storage solutions you can follow to keep your children’s playroom tidy and clutter-free!

It is easy to get annoyed when clutter is scattered around the house. It is tempting to take Marie Kondo’s advice when your kids play around and leave their toys all over the place. “Get rid of anything that does not spark joy”. Ah, life can be much easier without stepping on Lego blocks right?

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But your kids will surely oppose this. At their age, they are probably living the Toy Story fantasy. Their toys hold great sentimental value to them. Your best option, then, is to be smart and creative in storing your kid’s beloved toys and things.

Storage Benches

Storage benches offer a dual-purpose functionality that is best for maximizing spaces. They can serve as storage for clutter and a piece of seat furniture at the same time. Storage benches come in different types, textures, and sizes. Depending on your preference, storage benches can find a way to fit in your home.

Photo from KidKraft / A kid getting a toy from a storage bench.

There are wooden storage benches that can be built-in inside a room. There are also plastic and fabric-based storage benches that can be carried from point to point. The best thing about storage benches is their versatility. They are portable storage solutions that also serve as useful furniture.

Children’s toys and things can easily be accessed and stored inside storage benches. You can also teach your kids to organize their own toys in storage benches. Just remember to cover pointed edges if you will let your toddler kids use storage benches on their own.

Space Under the Bunk

Using the space under the bunk as storage is another practical way of maximizing spaces at home. Note, however, that you do not just shove your children’s toys and things under the bed. You are encouraged to use boxes or plastic containers.

A wooden bed with space underneath.
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Make sure that the space under the bed is cleaned regularly. Your children will touch their toys and things. Thus, keeping the storage area clean must be a priority.

You must also keep the boxes and plastic containers within your children’s reach. In this way, you can slowly educate your children to return and organize their toys and things in the proper storage area.

Stackable Bins and Baskets

Similar to storage benches, the goal of having stackable bins and baskets is to maximize space. This storage solution is preferable if you have children big enough to carry these bins and baskets. It is also recommended that the stacking height is not beyond your child’s height. Stack these bins and baskets from the hip to the chest level of your child to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Toys inside a storage box
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Stackable bins and baskets are often made from transparent plastic. This allows you or your child to see through the toys and things stored inside.

Mother and children playing toys from storage boxes.
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It is also important that you group the toys that you store in each bin or basket level. At the base of the stack, you can keep heavier things like big robots or dolls. As you go up the stack level, the toys must also become smaller in size and lighter in weight. This will make it easier for you and your child to access the toys.

Cubby Shelves

Cubby shelves are like the mini lockers you see in schools. They are an alternative to stackable bins and baskets. Cubby shelves are best for organizing multiple kinds of things that you want to keep in one area.

Photo from The Happy Housie / Cubby shelves for children's toys.

When organizing toys and things on cubby shelves, the most used toys are recommended to be stored on the lowest level. In this way, your child can easily reach for his or her toy without asking you. Heavier toys are best stored at the lowest level too.  They can be positioned behind the most used toys.

You may also use boxes that can be inserted inside the cubby “holes”. This prevents a cluttered display of toys and things.

Cubby shelves do not need stacking. The cubby “holes” are already stacked in nature. That is why it conveniently organizes your child’s toys and things into groups. You can also decide how many levels of cubby shelving you want to have. Just be mindful of the height that your child can reach.


Storage Labels

In any type of storage, it is extremely helpful to practice labeling the bins, boxes, shelves, and compartments where you keep your child’s toys and things.  This makes it easier to look for toys when you need them. If you have more than one child, storage labels can also save you time and effort in sorting the toys that belong to each of your children.

Standard labels include printed names covered with plastic tape. Stickers and permanent markers can also be used directly on the storage surfaces.

There are different ways of labeling bins, boxes, shelves, and compartments. Just be careful not to damage the surfaces of your storage. Additionally, use labeling materials that will not pose a risk to your child if he or she plays with them.

Use Transparent Jars

When storing small collectible toys, the use of transparent jars can offer you great convenience. You can simply place the toys inside the jar and still find it easy to look through all the contents of that jar. Transparent jars are aesthetically pleasing too!

Transparent jar with lid.
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Small toys stored in transparent jars may look like candies in the eyes of a child. It is advisable for you to let your child know the difference.

Store It Smart

Smart storage solutions are practical and convenient to use. Among all the types of storage mentioned above, you are recommended to choose what works best for your home setup. It is also important to consider what is safe and best suited for the needs of your child.


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