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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Pag-IBIG Services: Claiming Benefits and Payment Procedures

In this second part of the guide, we continue discussing the many different ways to utilize the Online Pag-IBIG Fund site through claiming benefits.

Being a Pag-IBIG Fund member has numerous benefits and services that will help you take a step closer to owning your dream home. In case you are not a member yet, the first part of this beginner's guide tackles how to become a member through online registration and the different ways to contribute to your membership.

Make the most out of your Pag-IBIG Fund membership by claiming your benefits. The procedures and payment methods are as follows.

How to File a Pag-IBIG Claim for Provident Benefits

1. Pay a visit to the Pag-IBIG branch where your membership records are kept.

We recommend that, before registering for a membership, you make sure that the branch where you file your application is close to you so that processing your claims, loans, and other transactions is less of a bother for you and that you can keep track of your application.

2. Compile and submit all required information.

Before submitting your application, make a list of all the conditions you've been requested to meet and double-check everything you've included.

3. Allow for the completion of the verification procedure.

A Pag-IBIG staff member will examine your records to see whether you have any outstanding amounts, such as a Pag-IBIG housing loan, multi-purpose loan, or catastrophe loan. To minimize delays, make sure to clear all of your balances before submitting your application.

4. Issuing Acknowledgement Receipts for Provident Benefits

Upon verification of your application, a Pag-IBIG service member will provide a Provident Benefits Acknowledgement Receipt. The date of pick-up of your check will be indicated on this claim stub.

5. Claim withdrawal.

Depending on the branch where you made your claim, the claiming procedure might take anywhere from a week to over a month (8-20 working days). It will be faster if you execute your claim withdrawal at the same location where you enrolled for membership since your payment history and other information will be immediately available. For the actual pick-up date of your claim, double-check the date specified on your acknowledgment receipt. If your claim is paid by check, simply go to a Pag-IBIG office and produce your claim stub together with two acceptable IDs to the cashier. Whether your claim is processed through your disbursement or payroll account, just check with any approved ATM or bank to see if your funds are available for withdrawal.

Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan Monthly Billing Statement Screeshots and Screencaps

Guide to Pag-IBIG payment facilities

For employees and self-employed members

There are seven ways you can pay your Pag-IBIG amortizations and contributions:

1. Over-the-counter payment

Monthly Savings (Pag-IBIG I and Modified Pag-IBIG 2 (MP2), Housing Loan (HL) Amortizations and STL for OFW: Bayad Centers, ECPay, M. Lhuillier, SM Business Centers (including SaveMore and HyperMarket). For HL Amortizations only: Landbank of the Philippines or Metrobank. To pay your Pag-IBIG contributions using over-the-counter channels (Bayad Center, ECPay, M. Lhuillier): First, fill out the payment form completely. You can find your MID, MP2 Account Number, or Housing Account Number (HAN) on your monthly billing account or prior official receipts. Next is payment: Pay the cashier your Pag-IBIG Fund due. Lastly, wait for the receipt to arrive. Receive the transaction reference number on the machine-validated payment slip. This will be your official receipt and payment evidence.

2. Using the Globe G-cash mobile payment system (for Globe and TM subscribers)

Use your Globe/TM Sim to sign up for GCash. Using Globe G-cash mobile payment to pay your Pag-IBIG amortizations and contributions: First step: Call the GCash helpline, simply press the call button after dialing *143#. (free of charge). Then register by choosing GCash from the drop-down menus and enter your information. Give all of the necessary information. Next, wait for your registration code to arrive. Wait for the registration code to arrive and verify it. Confirm the information you've given and accept the "Terms & Conditions." Ultimately, wait for the transaction reference number to appear on the screen. You will receive an acknowledgement message with your reference number after the transaction has been completed successfully. For security reasons, you will also be prompted to alter your MPIN.

3. Payment using credit card (Monthly Savings)

Paying your Pag-IBIG amortizations and donations with monthly credit card deductions may be done in a few steps: Go to the Pag-IBIG Fund website and log in. Select "Online Payment Facility" from the E-Services menu. Fill in the blanks with the essential information. To pay via monthly credit card deductions, complete the following needed information under Online Payment Facility:

  • -Category of Membership (Local or Overseas)
  • -Membership Identification (MID) No./Registration Tracking No. Pag-IBIG Membership Identification (MID) No./Registration Tracking No. Pag-IBIG Membership Identification (MID) No (RTN)
  • -Savings per month (Amount Due)
  • -Covered Timeframe
  • -Cell Phone Number/Email Address of the Member
Pag-IBIG Fund Housing Loan Online Verification Screenshot or Screencap

Choose the form of payment confirmation you want to receive. Type in the code and click "Continue" after entering the CAPTCHA code and agreeing to the "Terms & Conditions." Next, verify payment information. Before proceeding with the payment, the system will display the payment summary, and you will be requested to double-check the payment information you have supplied. After you've double-checked the payment information, click the "Continue" button. Select the credit card that will be used to complete the purchase. (Mastercard or Visa).

Complete and confirm the essential credit card information. (credit card number, credit card expiration date, credit card verification number, and so on.) Check your inbox for a confirmation message. The Payment Result will be presented once the payment transaction is finished, and it will include the Merchant Reference No. and Payment Reference No., which will serve as evidence of payment. A text message or an email will be sent to the user informing them of the recent credit card transaction.

4. 7-Eleven shops are used to make payments

Via CashPinas Moneygment App

There are ten stages to paying your Pag-IBIG amortizations and contributions using CashPinas Moneygment App at 7-Eleven stores: Start by getting the Moneygment App and install it. Create an account or log in, users may sign up with their Facebook, Gmail, or any other email account. Click the link that says "Pay your SSS, PhilHealth, or Pag-IBIG." and complete your account information. Click "Pag-IBIG" and then "Payment Type.", you can choose between: Savings for Members, Pag-IBIG II (Modified), or Amortization of a Home Loan. Fill out the Pag-IBIG Housing Loan application form then make a payment confirmation and decide on a payment option. If you pay at a 7-Eleven, you'll be sent to their payment instructions website. Wait for the receipt to be printed, and you’re ready go!

Via ECPay

Begin by signing up using your phone number. You'll be asked to register using your phone number. For security reasons, you will also be prompted for a password. Fill in your Pag-IBIG information and click "Validate." After submitting his or her information, the member-borrower will be able to see his or her payment details (e.g. Area Code, Contact Number, and the Amount to be Paid). In addition, the member-borrower has the option of changing the payment amount. When you click the 7-Eleven button, you'll be sent to the 7-Eleven Payment Instruction Page. To make a payment, the payee must produce the Payment Instruction Page to any 7-Eleven location and you have 24 hours to settle your debt. You will receive a printed receipt as confirmation that your purchase was completed successfully.

Pag-IBIG Fund Member's Data Form (MDF)

6. is the preferred method of payment.

When using to pay your Pag-IBIG amortizations and donations you first have to register with Make a cash deposit at any 7-Eleven location with a minimum cash in of P250, you may get P100.00 in free credit. Go to "Pay Bills" and choose the Pag-IBIG Fund payment you want to make. STEP 4 – Enter your Pag-IBIG information and pay with a slide. Check your inbox for a confirmation message because you will get an electronic acknowledgment message once your request has been confirmed. Payment using the employer's online payment system

If you will be paying using your employer's payment facility, below are the allowed payment channels: Union Bank, BPI, Land Bank, Security Bank, and BancNet.


Payment of Monthly Savings/Loan Amortizations through Overseas Remittance

OFWs can pay their amortizations and contributions to the Collecting Agents and Remittance Company partners listed below: Via banks, you can pay with PNB or Asia United Bank, and non-bank payments can be made using CASHPINAS Remittance Corp., I-Remit, and Ventaja (including PayPilipinas). Paying your Pag-IBIG payments and amortizations using I-Express Remit Mo Sa Pag-IBIG involves three steps. First, complete the Partner's Remittance Application Form.

For more information, visit Pag-IBIG Fund's website at Apply for a housing loan today and own your dream home with us.