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Tips on How to Organize Your Baby's Wardrobe

Save time, effort, and closet space by learning the basics of how to organize your baby’s wardrobe.

If you are a first-time parent who recently moved into a new house together with your newborn, your mind is likely searching for ways on how to do things in an organized and quick manner. Similarly, if you have a young family and are expecting a baby in the house, your priority is to find ways on keeping your house neat and orderly even as you address the needs of your baby.

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Taking care of a baby means being quick on your feet but still gentle with your hands. This is why parents are often in survival mode trying to have the right things at the right place whenever the baby needs something. Thus, one of the things that can calm your anxieties as parents of a newborn is having an organized baby wardrobe. Keep reading to learn more about the tips and tricks in organizing your baby’s wardrobe.

Keep daily wear close to the changing table

To avoid frantic searching in the main baby closet whenever you have to change your baby’s clothes, you may want to keep your baby’s daily wear close to the changing table. You can have a hamper or a mini dresser that is easily accessible to you. You can also station these hampers or mini dressers in various areas in the house where you change your baby’s clothes.

Take note that the daily wear clothes should be in the current size of your baby. Avoid grouping clothes of different sizes together. Whenever you are pressured with time, you might pick up the wrong clothing size which can bring discomfort to your baby.

If your main closet is also where the changing table is, then make sure that your baby’s daily wear is in a drawer just below the table. In addition, if your baby is a few months old, you may also consider keeping diapers in a shower caddy or easy-open box so you can simply get one without the hassle of tearing off the plastic packaging.

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Shower caddies can also work for storing quick access baby clothes and accessories around the house. You can just hang these caddies on the wall and easily get any baby stuff you need. No floor space taken, no floor clutter seen.

This may already be a habit developed from your parental instinct but it is worth mentioning that you should keep your baby clothing storage clean. Make sure that dirt does not accumulate in drawer corners. Sanitize your changing table before and after use. You may also check out the proper way of how to wash baby clothes.

Use size organizers for baby clothes

As your baby grows, the number of his or her clothes also piles up. Sooner or later, your main baby closet will consist of clothes that your baby has outgrown or has yet to wear in the future. With this, you may want to use size organizers to guide you when you select an outfit for your baby.

Size organizers are size labels that separate clothes in a closet in an obvious way. The hanger used in baby clothes you buy in the department store often comes in size labels. There are also closet dividers sold online that classify baby clothes according to age in years or months.

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The way these size organizers are designed implies that baby clothes are better sorted when hanged. Why? Because you can easily determine the kinds of outfits that your baby has without unfolding folded clothes. Hanging the clothes can also prevent seasonal clothes from getting buried deep in the closet even before your baby has outgrown them.

Use Drawer Organizers or Dividers

If you have more drawer space than closet space for hanging clothes, you can still effectively sort your baby’s clothes by using drawer organizers. Drawer organizers are mini compartments that divide your baby’s clothes according to group or category. You can assign one type of baby clothing or garment per compartment. You may also use these drawer organizers for sorting baby accessories like bibs, headdresses, socks, and shoes.

Make sure to organize baby clothes according to type so that you will not lose the purpose of drawer organizers. It will get messy over time which is why this organizing technique will need commitment. But it will be worth it because it will save you from the stress of a cluttered closet.

Various types of baby clothes.
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To give you an idea of what types of clothes and accessories can be grouped together in the same drawer but in separate compartments, you may refer to the list below:

-Diapers and hygiene products

-Burp cloths, bibs, and pacifiers, teethers

-Short sleeves and onesies, socks

-Onesies, long sleeves, sleepwear, or pajamas

-Dresses/Vests and Jackets

-Pants and leggings

-Towels, changing cloth, and beddings

Since you are storing clothes in a drawer, it is also wise to put current sizes in the front-most compartment of the organizer. As your baby grows, you can just rearrange the order of these compartments or eventually empty out those that contain sizes that your baby has long outgrown.

The Kon Mari way of folding clothes

The Kon Mari way of folding is also called the filling method of folding. It has been considered a game-changer in terms of maximizing your closet or cabinet space for clothes. As your baby’s clothes start to accumulate, you may want to learn the Kon Mari method to still effectively organize your baby’s wardrobe.

What an Organized Wardrobe Means

It might seem a trivial part of your parenthood journey but keeping an organized wardrobe for your baby means having less visual and mental clutter at home. Take note, the number of clutter you see becomes the number of things that fight for your attention. This is why organizing things can bring mental peace and focus especially for the parents of a newborn baby.

Save time, effort, and space by keeping your baby’s stuff accessible. Not only will this bring you your must needed peace of mind but it will also keep your baby comfortable and happy.


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