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Tips To Make The Perfect Scented Candle

Can't pick between patchouli or bergamot? Beeswax or rapeseed wax? Fret not and try out some tips to make DIY scented candles that you'll love to bits.

From lemony vanilla to cedarwood, the perfect scented candle for your space is just waiting to be shaped, dried, and lit. And the best part is you can DIY it! It's time to work your creative bones and keep these tips in mind when making your own scented candles.

1. Get inspiration from the scented candles you usually buy or see online

Think candle moodboards — compile pictures and brands of scented candles that you like both the smell and look of. Draw inspiration from your favorite candle shops, some pretty candle pegs on Pinterest, or from content creators on Instagram or TikTok that demo their very satisfying candle-making processes.

2. Choose a good type of candle wax

The cheapest type of candle wax is paraffin, which holds a lot of scent and color as the candle melts. Meanwhile, beeswax is harder and eco-friendlier than most waxes when solidified, but is mostly used for unscented candles.

Other types of candle wax you can choose from include soy wax, coconut wax, and rapeseed wax. Soy wax and rapeseed wax have been around for a long time, while coconut wax is a fairly new type of candle wax. Study these types of waxes so you'll know which ones to choose for your home.

3. Mind your technique

Make sure you have the appropriate equipment and that you also get the temperature right for your candle to form. Your wick has to be upright and placed in the middle before you pour your melted candle wax. But even before this, the color and scent of your candle should be decided on, as well as the candle molder you'll be using. These will be touched on below.

4. Pick a shape that matches your vibe

While you can never go wrong with a classic cylindrical cut, scented candles that are shaped like the human body or those that look like a strawberry sundae can be just as delightful, if not more! There are all sorts of candle shapes out there; you can purchase a candle molder online or have one customized for you.

5. Select a color you love

Aside from wax type and shape, choosing a pretty color is also key. Whether it's a plain color of your favorite shade or a candle with prints or abstract patterns, make sure it matches the vibe of your room or your home office desk. You can either contrast the color of your scented candle with your walls or match it — whatever floats your boat.

6. Place the candle in a pretty container

Especially if your scented candle is just a plain cylindrical cut, you can put it inside a cute glass container to give it some attitude. It's up to you if it's going to be transparent, translucent, or completely opaque. You can also choose shapes like pyramids or globular candle containers if you'd like something more unique.

7. Or just leave the candle as is

Your scented candle doesn't always need a home — you can take in all the glory of your DIY candle and leave it naked. But make sure to place it on a surface you're okay to scrape melted candle wax off of. Better yet, put it on a wide metallic plate to catch all the candle melt and not worry about staining or damaging your furniture.

8. Go for the scent you won't get tired of

Whether it's fresh and subtle fragrances like tomato blossoms or woody and slightly floral notes like those of oak or sandalwood, it's important to pick the scent you're obsessed with. Keep your olfactory senses happy and pick the right fragrance oils to make your DIY candles smell the way you want them to.

The Perfect Candle For Each Part Of The House

Not all candles are created equal — some are better suited for specific parts of your home than others. Whether it's the dining area or the powder room, there's always a scented candle that fits the atmosphere of the room like a glove. Below are some of the recommended scents for each area in your house.

For The Bedroom: Lavender, Rose Geranium or Bergamot

Lavender has long been lauded for its calming effects, especially when you've had a long and stressful day at work. It's been a go-to candle fragrance for sleeping and relaxing, so it's perfect for the bedroom. Meanwhile, rose geranium and bergamot are a close second due to their stress-relieving and anxiety-appeasing properties.  

For The Dining Room: Cardamom, White Vetiver or Yuzu

If you like grassy or earthy scents that remind you of autumn, then cardamom or white vetiver oak candles can do just the trick. But if you're also trying to get rid of after-meal smells in the dining room, then yuzu-scented candles can keep your space smelling fresh and citrusy.

For The Living Room: Beeswax Candles; Olive & Sage or Cedarwood

Beeswax has air-purifying properties, which is perfect for the areas of the house with the most contaminants from outdoors. You can choose musky or woody scents such as olive-sage or cedarwood. You may also consider uniquely-shaped candles, as they make for good statement pieces in the living room.

For The Bathroom: Patchouli, Grapefruit or Jasmine

While fruity and floral scents like grapefruit and jasmine are associated with femininity, they keep any space smelling sweet and fragrant regardless of whether a man or a woman is in it. But if these aren't your cup of tea, then you can count on patchouli-scented candles to freshen up the bathroom while having your bubble bath or doing your skincare routine.

How Would You Make Your Candle?

Whether you're choosing paraffin or soy wax, cylindrical or odd shapes, and fruity or woody scents, it's great to plan ahead so your DIY scented candles form properly, smell great, and last long in your home. But if all else fails, you can always purchase your favorite scented candles from your trusty stores or online shops.