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Unique Gift Ideas for Kids

Inspire a new hobby or develop a talent early by giving these unique gifts to your kids for Christmas.

The holidays are fast approaching and you may already be wondering what gifts to give to your kids, nieces and nephews, and godchildren. If you ran out of ideas because you already gave them the same thing last year, then it’s about time to level up your game. There’s actually a lot of unique gifts you can give kids that they will surely enjoy. These gifts might even stay with them until they grow old. Keep reading to find out more!

Photo by Ben Mullins / Unsplash

Kids nowadays are growing up with a lot of “toys” that help them learn new things early. The Internet has become so fond of showing toddlers who can recite the alphabet, count from one to a hundred, and even do sports. There are even celebrity babies who help out mommies with baking cookies! Indeed, a toy is not just something that kids play with because there are unique toys that already train these kids’ potential talents.

1. Block Set

Best for kids aged 18 months+

Photo by: Lovevery / Lovevery Block Set

Block sets are stackable shapes that help develop a kid’s abstract reasoning. They are either made of wood or plastic. The Lego set is an example of block sets but there are already a wide variety of options in the market. Think of a rectangular block with carved-out shapes where kids can match and stack a specific block of a similar shape. Block sets are also durable so kids can pass them on to their younger siblings in the future.

Check out our recommendation, the Lovevery Block Set.

2. Palm Grasp Crayons

Best for kids aged 1+

Photo by: Amazon / Crayola Palm Grasp Crayons

The palm grasp crayons came from the company Crayola and they are ergonomically designed to enable toddlers to grasp them. These crayons are washable and can be easily wiped from wall or furniture surfaces. More importantly, they are non-toxic so you don’t have to worry if kids put it in their mouths.

Crayons are good art pieces that help develop a kid’s creativity. Check out Crayola’s palm grasp crayons for more information.

3. Toniebox Starter Set

Best for kids aged 3+

Photo by: Lifestyle Mommy / Toniebox Starter Set (Blue)

Introduce kids to the world of musical melodies and stories through the Toniebox Starter Set. It is a shockproof and soft-padded audio box that offers a select compilation of the most popular children’s songs for playtime. Just think of a walkman but for kids. The Toniebox Starter Set has a battery life of 7 hours and it includes a charging station too.

This is a great way to have your kids get used to musical rhymes! Check out the product here to learn more.

4. Learning Desk

Best for kids aged 4+

Photo by: Curiocity / Vtech Get Ready for School Learning Desk

Give your kids an early glimpse of school through the interactive learning desks designed for toddlers aged 4 and up. These types of desks feature different learning activities built into the desk itself. Your kids can learn to track the weather, trace figures and shapes, or learn the alphabet at an all-in-one table.

School learning desks also include voice responses to keep kids engaged and entertained. A matching stool also comes with the package. Learn more about school learning desks here.

5. Coding Critters

Best for kids aged 4+

Photo by: Chic Geek Diary / Coding Critters

When it comes to coding, no age is too young to start learning! Coding Critters allows toddlers to program the movements of pet toys without the coding screen. Kids will just press buttons to make the pet toys play fetch, hide and seek, and more. The playset also features fun music, sound, and motion.

With Coding Critters, kids can even choose their own pet avatars they want to play with. Check out the product here.

6. Kid’s Sewing Machine

Best for kids aged 5+

Photo by: Mary Janes and Galoshes / Sewing Machines for Kids

Do you think your kid can become a great fashion designer someday? Why not test that theory through a kid-friendly sewing machine? The Janome Derby Line sewing machine is easy to use and it includes 10 built-in stitches plus a nifty built-in finger guard to keep kids safe from the sharp needle.

Don’t panic, this sewing machine is lightweight and portable for kids to carry around. It is also durable and will last a long time. You will see how creative your kids are by having them make their own clothes or quilts.

7. Amazing Science

Best for kids aged 7+

Photo by: Goodreads / Amazing Science 

Is your kid taking an interest in the science, technology, and engineering fields? Feed their growing curiosity through the Amazing Science book of experiments. This book offers elementary scientific explanations behind the simple things that happen at home. For example, it can explain why bathroom mirrors can foggy. Amazing Science also includes 83 hands-on experiments (with easy-to-find materials) that kids can perform to dive deeper into the scientific world.

8. Kiddie Cook Books

Best for kids aged 8+

Photo by: Evening Standard / Cook Books for Kids

Whether your kid shows potential to be a chef or a baker, kiddie cookbooks can be a great avenue for him or her to explore the art of cooking. With hundreds of easy recipes to follow, kids can learn to be more creative in the kitchen. Of course, parental supervision is still a must. Consider checking out cookbooks and trying out recipes as a bonding activity too!

Choose from a wide range of kiddie cookbooks here.

9. Puzzle and Mystery Books

Best for kids aged 8+

Photo by: Verywell Family / Puzzles and Mystery Books for Kids

Playing detective games can improve your kid’s deductive reasoning, logic, and critical thinking.  Cracking codes through puzzle and mystery books can even bring out the inner Sherlock Holmes of your kid. This can also be a great bonding activity between siblings and peers as they engage in a friendly competition of wit. Check out a long list of book recommendations here.

Encourage Not Impose

Gifts are thoughtful ways to remind someone of your affection or support. That’s why knowing the right gift to give is important to make sure it will be useful for the person. When giving gifts to kids, you have to know their interests first. Remember, you are giving out of affection and support for something they like to do. Gifts aim to encourage and not to impose. Hopefully, you now have a better idea about the unique gifts kids might want for Christmas!


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