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Upgrade Your Home With Pantone's 2022 Color Of The Year

Stay ahead of the pack and begin decorating your home with this periwinkle blue that symbolizes optimism and change.

The Pantone Color Institute had recently announced 2022's color of the year — an original shade dubbed Very Peri. This novel hue is a blue with a violet red undertone, and is said to encourage and inspire bravery, curiosity, and creativity. The Institute specifically created a color from scratch rather than picked out from its archive to address the need for something new considering the world's current state.

This annual announcement from Pantone affects the upcoming fashion and design trends, including interior design and décor. What's popular in home décor is heavily influenced by the Color of the Year, and it's already evident by the amount of purple on social media and your go-to home shopping websites.

So, how does one infuse 2022's top color in personal interior design? It may not be as difficult as you think.

Very Peri is surprisingly versatile and can work in a number of different color groups, in spite of its visually demanding nature. While Very Peri shines the brightest in a palette of classic neutrals like chocolate browns and whites, the periwinkle shade can also bring life and brilliance in a color scheme of light pinks and greens. For a more natural take, Very Peri shows health and wellness when paired with muted yellows and evergreen.

In addition, Very Peri can be introduced in small doses like geode paperweights or in grand pieces like a loveseat. There's a way to utilize this dreamy shade in a space as a minimalist or a maximalist, from fabrics to artwork to walls and even ceilings.

Textiles are a good place to start.

Purple wall and rug with complementary single chairs in green and orange

A smart and economical way to test out a new color before making any major décor purchase is to utilize textiles and fabric covers. Anything as subtle as kitchen towels or as obvious as a large area rug can don the color purple and make a statement regardless of size.

Very Peri is especially effective in a relaxation space like the bedroom, as the shade is equally vibrant and serene. It's bright and most definitely not a neutral, but its blue tone screams calm and peaceful. Implement the purplish blue through bedding sets, throws and linens, and even blackout curtains.

Sprinkle the periwinkle with accent pieces.

Violet rug in receiving area of a showroom

Much like textiles and fabrics, accent pieces serve to decorate the home in smaller, easily-switchable doses. Things like throw pillows, vases and canisters, baskets and other small storage solutions make for great ornaments that tie the entire space together so long as they match in color or print. Using periwinkle in small décor across the home — from bookshelf trinkets to kitchen ware to bathroom rugs — creates a cohesive interior design that makes the bold color choice look intentional and sophisticated.

If you have a green thumb or tend to take great inspiration in nature, you can introduce touches of Very Peri through freshly cut flowers or miniature shrubs. A few touches could be just as effective in interior design as painting all four walls with the Pantone original hue.

If you're feeling a bit bold, tackle the large-scale furniture.

Purple couch and tropical print wallpaper interior design

Go big or go home, they said. If you're the type to take more design risks or if your beloved furniture is due for a switch or upgrade, take the plunge and go for purple in your bigger items like sofas and footstools, kitchen appliances, and display cabinets.

This is great if Very Peri already meshes with your current interior design and color scheme, you're already overhauling the entire vibe of your place, or are just in love with the shade. Obviously, large-scale furniture is quite a financial investment, so be extra sure about your design choices before taking that purple couch home.

That said, taking a pretty big design risk — literally — can yield wonderful benefits. Very few people will be as adventurous as you are and you're sure to live in a unique personal space. I mean, who else in your social circle can say they have a periwinkle blue stand mixer?

Fully commit and go for the walls.

Editorial of door and walls painted purple

Are you a homeowner or a tenant with the nicest landlord (browse through our vetted real estate owners here and find your next home) and want to make a major change in your interiors? Just go for it and paint a wall — or two, maybe four — with the stunning Very Peri.

Painted walls are a relatively cheap way to increase visual vibration in a home, which works especially if you're not big on hanged artwork or printed wallpaper. Another great thing about painting your walls is that with the right prep and process, you can easily change this up once you get bored, or feel like trying out next year's Pantone call.

And purple walls need not stop with paint or wallpaper. There's no reason to leave out your rooms with tiles on the walls if you wish to use Very Peri there. Should you have the stomach for it, use purple tiles for your powder room or laundry area. Periwinkle is moody without being dark, luxe without being too regal, and can definitely impress guests who are used to cookie-cutter homes with white walls and subway tiles.

If you're not a big fan of accent walls — or think that design tip is overdone — consider painting your ceiling instead. A painted ceiling is not only visually interesting but when done right, can open up a room. But if that's still too ordinary for you, maybe switch your generic hardwood with painted concrete floors?

Also, have you thought of painting your front door?

While you're holding that paintbrush or roller, why not take on your front door? If you live in a single detached home (i.e. not in a condo complex or townhouse subdivision where administrations are strict with unit design) and have the freedom to pursue such a project, painting the main entrance with this optimistic blue feels fresh and dynamic.

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