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Ways To Light Up Your House While Saving Electricity

Using Christmas lights doesn't have to be expensive. Find out how to make your house sparkle this holiday season without shooting up your electric bill.

It may seem paradoxical to curate a huge lightshow for your home especially during Christmas while keeping your electric meters at a certain level only — after all, the holiday season might mean going all out for some people. But what if you can still take certain measures to keep your electric bill from going all the way up without compromising on a festive and celebratory look for your home? Below are some tips you can keep in mind to do so.

1) Use LED lights

Compared to the commonly used incandescent lights, LED lights are more energy-efficient – meaning more of the energy it consumes is used for its actual purpose, which is for lighting up your home instead of just wasted heat that could even pose a risk to your home's safety. With that said, it's safe to say that LED lights are also less prone to overheating, and overall have a longer shelf life than conventional light bulbs.

But don't be confined to just lights – you can purchase LED electric appliances of all different kinds. Just make sure to buy from trusted and reliable sources so you don't get faulty products and end up spending even more than you should. While LED appliances may be more expensive than traditional ones, it'll cost you less to use them in the long run.

2) Buy a timer plug

Another effective way of controlling your electricity consumption is to control the time your lights come on and off using timer plugs. And the good news is that they're really inexpensive, and they don't need hardwire installation too. All you need to do is set the timer according to your preference, and you can enjoy your Christmas display in all its glory.

If you don't have access to timer plugs, then you can just manually time your lights — decide on the best time you'll light up your displays and end it when you don't think it needs to be lit up anymore. This will be your routine for most of the holiday season, but others can also extend or cut it shorter as they please. Either way, as long as you're happy with your Christmas-themed display then you're good to go.

3) Consider switching your energy supplier

It's important to be wise with your choice of energy supplier, as it can make a huge difference in your monthly electric consumption, especially come Christmas time. If you're considering switching, pick an energy supplier that you've completely researched on – asked around for advice from family or friends, checked if your supplier has hidden charges or frequent brownouts, and the like – your bank account will thank you later.

However, if you find that your previous energy supplier is better than the one you chose, then you can always switch back. But if it feels like it's too tiring to have to make changes, then you can just stay with your new provider. It's always up to you ultimately — whatever works for you and your budget for electric bills especially in the holiday season.

4) Unplug, unplug, unplug

Something so simple can also be forgotten: to pull the plug especially when you're not using it. If you'd like to leave your Christmas lights on for a period of time, then set a timer as mentioned above. Otherwise, never forget to unplug, because as much as Christmas lights are beautiful, they're also a fire hazard. And as are other electrical appliances, so always be careful.

And while it's widely believed that unplugging saves you energy, there are claims that unplugging doesn't really help you save money (or at least not by a lot). Whatever the case is, it's still a good practice for families or single homeowners to do, and there's nothing to lose if you don't do it.

5) Watch your usage of AC

Since the "Ber" months are probably the coolest season of the year temperature wise, you can turn down your usage of your air conditioning system, or even your fans at home — after all, the Christmas breeze helps cool down the entire country and lessens the need to use a ventilation system for your home. This way, you can leave more room for consuming energy for lights instead of your AC.

However, there can still be hot December nights depending where you live or what the weather is. Should these cases arise, feel free to turn on your electric fans or air conditioning units so that you can get some ventilation or recuperate from all the cooking on Christmas eve or that dancing on your living room with your family and friends.

6) Order food instead of making homemade Christmas meals

Another way to lessen electric consumption is to get premade food for your Noche Buena instead of making them at home. If you make your meals, you'll be using your blender, food processor, broiler, oven, electric stove, rice cooker, and a whole lot more kitchen appliances that need electricity. Not to mention the exhaustion that you're going to deal with after the festivities — most would forgo this and just take it easy.

You can order from your favorite restaurant or from that Instagram online kitchen that has been popping up on your feed for months — after all, it can be quite a process to make cochinillo or jamón all by yourself, and you might need the help of a team of cooks to make your holiday gastronomical experience out of the ordinary.

Turn Up The Lights In Here!

Extra bright for everyone to see! Would you go all out this Christmas or just be chill with your lights and decorations? Whatever you choose, you can always find ways to save up on your electric bill whether you're on a budget or not — and even if it's not the holiday season. You just have to be creative with it sometimes, thinking of ways around your situation without being a buzzkill. For Christmas display inspirations, you can check this list out.