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Best Floor Treatments According to Your Home

Flooring tends to be an afterthought when it comes to interior design, but it's a key aspect to invest in.

Flooring tends to be an overlooked feature of the home, what with many choosing to retain the floors their homes have to save on cost. But it's the largest surface in a home, and choosing the best treatment for your rooms is crucial in building the perfect space.

Here's 5 of the most popular types of flooring, which should get you thinking about what best to lay out in your personal space.


Hardwood floor in a traditional style kitchen

Wood is a versatile and high-quality material that makes any home extra marketable and desirable. Hardwood contains solid wood, what being made with solid pieces of milled wood. Because of the premium make, hardwoods are known to be the more expensive wood option for flooring. Of course, with the price hike comes strength and durability. Varieties of hardwood include oak, walnut, and mahogany. As a homeowner or interior designer, opt for wood whose undertones match the rest of the home.

Utilize hardwood in living rooms and bedrooms for that luxe treatment, but maybe hold out on higher-traffic areas like the kitchen and high-moisture spots like the bathroom and laundry areas. Hardwood, in its beauty and classic state, can easily incur scratches and moisture damage. Maintenance is key when it comes to such quality material.

If you're eager to get wood on your floors but can't afford the real deal and added costs, go for engineered wood flooring instead. It's DIY-friendly and is as durable as hardwood so long as it's cared for, making engineered wood a great substitute for hardwood. Engineered wooden floors are made of a hardwood top layer with a plywood substrate, bringing down the flooring costs significantly. Because its outer layer is hardwood, you get the same variations in style and finish. Be mindful, however, of the potential hollow sound underfoot due to the lighter plywood inner make.

Perfect for: Homes for people with no kids or pets, Classic and luxe-style spaces that benefit the lasting nature of hardwood


Tiles in a midcentury modern dining room

Tile floors are water-resistant and highly durable, and considered a staple in the bathroom and kitchen. Commonly ceramic or porcelain, tiles come in an assortment of styles and colors, patterns and cuts. Tiles are a great way to play around with flooring, and showcase the creativity you have within (and maybe aren't fearless enough to implement in a larger area like the living space.)

While tiles are extremely durable and child- / pet-friendly, they do take time to install and depending on the make, can be a hefty amount to do so. That said, the pre-work costs usually end up worth it in the end, so long as the grout is properly set and dried.

Perfect for: Maximalist style spaces, Spanish- and Moroccan-inspired homes


Wood laminate in a living room

Laminate flooring is a great all-around floor as it serves to be an alternative to carpet and a cheaper option compared to woods or even tiles. Meaning, laminate can be used all across the home, which makes an even finish for your living room and kitchen in an open floor plan.

Made of particleboard wood beneath a plastic protective coat, and styled like wood or tile pattern, laminate floors come in all sorts of textures and design styles. The plastic makes this floor treatment scratch- and scrape-resistant, and pretty easy to clean.

The only drawback would be that laminate's plastic outer tends to chip easily and can easily looks like fake wood or tile, especially if you opt for the cheaper styles. Similar to engineered wood's plywood, particleboard in laminates does give off a hollow sound underfoot.

Perfect for: Budget starter homes


Vinyl flooring in a home

Vinyl can be interchangeable with laminate for interior design newbs, but is actually much more durable than its inexpensive counterpart. While both are made of plastic and are DIY-friendly, vinyl is positioned well between laminate and hardwood on the pricing spectrum. This is because vinyl plastic is much sturdier and can withstand water thanks to its non-porous material.

Vinyl comes in plank, tile, and sheet forms, and depending on the floors the owner already has, can be laid out atop the existing floors of a home. In this case, vinyl variants like luxury vinyl tile stretches your money further. This kind of installation is preferred by renters with lax landlords or those who just don't have time to demolish a big chunk of their home. Be warned, however, that while durable vinyl is still less durable than real hardwood or stone.

Perfect for: High-traffic homes with kids and pets

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring in a minimalist style space

Concrete floors are now making its way into lavishly styled spaces, and are slowly veering away from being the generic floors in garages and warehouses. Perfect for high-traffic areas like the kitchen or entryway, concrete is a breeze to clean considering there's no grout or paneling that traps dirt. Not to mention this floor treatment is pretty cheap compared to real wood or even intricate tiles. Pair this with concrete walls for the ultimate industrial vibe, or soften with nude white and cream walls for that hint of Scandinavian design.

If installed correctly and sealed to the nines, concrete flooring can be extremely low-maintenance and can last ages, making this a popular choice among all groups. Of course, the cold exterior and dark undertones suit a very specific design style, and will definitely not work for regal style homes or even maximalist spaces. If you're considering concrete, chances are you're already into industrial design or undone styles.

Perfect for: Industrial style homes, Masculine and minimalist spaces

If you're a renter and can't exactly switch out your floors as easily as you would hope, consider accessories like rugs or mats to increase the style factor of your place or maybe even create new layouts in an otherwise open floor plan. Floor furniture like floor poufs also help in building visual interest in a plain floor treatment. Find our property listings for rent here if you're looking to start fresh.