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Your DIY Staycation: 7 Fun Steps to Recreate Glamping at Home

Spice up your lazy days at home by setting up a camping party—with a fun twist!

If you’re a travel junkie, a camping enthusiast, or just an internet standby who knows every buzzword there is, then you’ve probably heard of glamping, which is basically camping without the bug bites and the muddy shoes.

Glamping rose to popularity among tourists and couples, mixing comfort and luxury with nature and the outdoors: glampers typically rent a huge tent with chairs and a table inside, light a few candles, have a delicious meal, and enjoy good conversations.

Today, glamping is still popular, but it can be quite hard to rent a glamp tent and go outdoors right now. Fret not, because you can enjoy glamping and all of its glory in the comfort of your own home!

7 Steps to a Dreamy Staycation

Start envisioning a cozy, dreamy, and posh staycation by appealing to the senses first and then adding your own finishing touches later on. To build your atmosphere, recognize the importance of the five senses: visuals, sounds, flavors, textures/feel, and scents.

Once you get that down, it’s up to you to put your own spin on it. Glamping at home is a hundred percent made by you, for you. If you have roommates or friends coming over, then that’s better! But first, you have to prepare a floor plan (at least mentally):

Step 1: Set The Vibe

Create your desired atmosphere with a clear theme in mind. Are you going for a summer music festival vibe? Think teepee, throw pillows, dreamcatchers, and light bulb strings. Make flower crowns and wear your go-to summer outfit. Make the best of what you already have.

If you’re big on spring themed parties, consider buying cheap pastel colored balloons and artificial flowers online. Attach these to the giant fort/tent you made out of your blanket or tablecloth using sturdy strings or sticky tape.

You can also try a neon rave theme with colorful lights, a Hawaiian luau, an English afternoon tea party, or even a sports-themed dinner. Whatever party theme you have up your sleeve, get it done! There’s no right or wrong way of doing this.

List down all you want to do first.

Step 2: Make It Cool (Literally)

Glamping indoors can feel hot and sticky, so make sure you are well-ventilated. If you are doing this in your backyard or your balcony, avoid setting up camp midday, because this is when the temperature is at its highest. Opt for a cooler time of the day, like 4 or 5 pm.

If you have a really cramped space that doesn’t leave a lot of room for fresh air, then clear up your area and temporarily store your stuff so you can get as much space and air as possible for your tent. Your biggest room is your ideal spot for glamping.

Turn on your fan or AC to keep those bullets of sweat at bay. Sweat can ruin your outfit and your mood, and it can also make you smell funny. So tie your hair, wear breathable fabrics, apply antiperspirant, open your windows, and stay near your source of ventilation.

Step 3: *SOFTEN* It Up

To complete the comfy and cozy glamping experience, get your fluffiest mattress, put your softest comforter or duvet on it and put it in the middle of your giant tent. Have something else in mind, like eating? Go ahead and set up a dinner table, which would work excellently.

You can also set up a mini picnic in the tent. Make your throw pillows the seats and make use of your collapsible table or breakfast table for your food. Prepare sandwiches, bottled juices and chips to complete the picnic feel.

Step 4: Get The Tunes Right!

Set on a Coachella inspired glamping party? Accompany that summer feeling with an indie rock or indie pop playlist on Spotify. For a spring themed party, consider alternative pop or bedroom pop songs. An indoor luau would work great with islander feel-good bops like the works of Jack Johnson or Common Kings.

It’s important to match your music with your glamping theme to really enhance your experience. Pre-listen to your playlist so you’re sure that you’ll be jamming to the right tunes. Download the tracks so there are no ad interruptions mid-party.

Besides, it would sound really funny if you’re having a romantic glamping night with your partner and death metal is playing in the background. Make sure you set the right mood for the atmosphere.

Step 5: Add The Cherry On Top

Squeeze in a little Netflix binge or a K-drama marathon while you’re at it! Whether you’re with friends, your partner, or just alone, you can entertain yourself even more with a little movie/series session.

To take this up a notch, create a makeshift projector by taking a shoebox and cutting a large hole on one of its short sides. Gluegun a magnifying glass on the hole and put your phone (make sure it has a stand) inside the shoebox. Lock your phone screen and make sure that video is shown upside down. The glass corrects the frame and lets you view it normally. Then, project it on a clear wall, preferably white. Voila!

Home projector screen
Elevate your home viewing experience with projector screens

Too complicated? Don’t worry, your TV, laptop, or tablet will do. Just connect your device to a bigger speaker for an enhanced listening experience. If you only have a small speaker, then amplify it by putting it in a cone-shaped object: this way, the sound will be directed more towards you instead of scattering.

Step 6: Don't Forget The Smell

Olfaction is often disregarded, but this is key to making your staycation theme even more consistent. A spring themed tent matches with citrusy or sugary scents, while a summer themed one calls for floral and fruity scents. Rosy scents can be used for romantic glamping, and for nature-themed ones, use woody scents like oak or cedarwood.

Grab your favorite perfume or cologne and give your glamping tent a little spritz of it. For longer lasting results, light your favorite scented candle, or air fresheners or mix your essential oils.

If you can’t get rid of that distinct funky smell (that all homes have), then check your things that are most likely not cleaned yet: carpets, blinds, curtains, rags, or stuffed toys. Have them cleaned and washed first so the smell doesn’t distract you from having a good time.

Step 7: Treat Your Tastebuds (and Tummy)

It’s best to whip up something on your own instead of hitting up your usual places for grub. If your theme is summer festival food then consider putting popsicles, skewered meat or fruits, and cocktails on your list.

If you’re setting up a romantic French inspired night but don’t want to break the bank, then get some wine from your nearest convenience store and cook a steak dinner using cheaper meat cuts over the more expensive ones.

Grilled Skewered Meat and Vegetables

Don’t trust yourself enough to make a delicious meal? Then option two would be a nice restaurant with budget-friendly options. Order in bulk instead of individual meals, especially if you have company. It’s cheaper and much more satisfying.


You don’t want your glamping tent to collapse on you in the middle of watching a movie or eating a yummy meal you prepped yourself. Make sure that your glamping tent is sturdy and spacious to prevent mishaps.

If you happen to have a large tent with you, then congratulations! You are darn lucky. Do you still have the manual with you? Fluke! You win at life. But if you’re like the rest of us, then you’re going to have to make do with what you have.

Woman Glamping in Tent

A lot of tent-building basics are on the internet, but the easiest to follow are on WikiHow and YouTube. Grab your clothesline and attach it somewhere high. Make sure in it’s in the center of your room. Get your biggest curtain, blanket, or tablecloth and let it drape on the wire. Spread out the cloth and put two large pieces of furniture on either side to hold the cloth in place, and ta-da, you now have your very own indoor glamping tent!

If you want a fancier tent, consider making a teepee: get six long wooden rods, drill even holes in them, put rope through the holes, spread the rods out into a conical shape, put a cloth on the teepee, and tie the top part once again.

If you’re a visual learner and you want clearer, step-by-step instructions, go on YouTube to learn more on it. It may take a while to perfect tent building, but once you get the hang of it, it’s cake.

Go and start making your own!

Glamping at home is as only fun as you imagine it to be, so make it great! The key is a well thought out design plan to achieve that cozy and dreamy vibe that glamping gives off.

Aside from its convenience, glamping at home saves you a lot of money compared to shelling out thousands of pesos for an out of town trip that could even put you in a health risk. So, make the most out of your indoor camping and party away!

Don’t forget to take pictures and put them in your stories!


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