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Add These 5 Furniture Items To Your Christmas Wishlist

What better way to kick off the holiday season than with some good ol' Christmas shopping?

Christmastime is the season of giving and receiving gifts. It's also a time for people to reflect on the year that has passed and the year to come. Setting goals and beginning anew are typical behaviors when thinking about the new year, and the holiday season serves as the perfect time to get started on those plans.

A Christmas wish list should include things that are posed to make the new year better, grander — and what better way to celebrate this fresh start than with a space upgrade? Take advantage of holiday sales and get your hands on home pieces that make living at home 24/7 interesting and worthwhile.

Whether you decide to ask a generous family member for whatever's on your wish list or treat yourself to something a bit more expensive that's built to last, your furniture want list must address your personal needs as well as serve to match your interior design style.

Here are 5 furniture items that are sure to prove their utility in your personal space, and are fantastic investments for the year ahead.

Outdoor seating

Bird's-eye view of outdoor patio

In today's economy and social climate, outdoor space is a luxury not many can afford. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere with private outdoor space — whether it be a tiny terrace in a high-rise condo or a backyard in a secluded village — there really is no reason why you can't pursue outdoor lounging.

Extend your living space further by setting up seating or dining in your roofed patio or garden. This same set-up can be the perfect location to host small and intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones, especially during a time where al fresco is the preferred mode of eating.

Invest in weather proof outdoor furniture like those made of treated hardwood or wrought iron. Metal and stainless steel work well in garden set-ups so long as these are placed in shaded and dry areas; powder coating should suffice in turning these materials immune to most environmental elements. Synthetic resin is a great substitute for natural wicker since it's highly malleable and can be dyed organic colors, and is resistant to moisture damage.

Floating storage

Floating shelves and decor in minimalist style space

Extremely small spaces can benefit greatly from utilizing vertical real estate, i.e. wall storage. Floating shelves and cabinets not only free up ground space for floor-set furniture like couches, dining tables, and refrigerators, but also help draw the eyes up and create visual interest all across the room.

Space saving, decorative, and functional — floating shelves are fantastic home additions that cost very little to put up. All you need to start working with wall storage is quality materials, power tools (to drill holes into your walls) and sturdy attachments, and a trusty step ladder that can help you reach those tall areas for set-up and maintenance.

While custom storage solutions are the best option for peculiarly-shaped homes and extremely tight spaces, modular cabinetry and shelving have found their way into more mainstream furniture brands, making personalized homes a reality that's much easier to achieve.

Dedicated work desk & chair

Home office desk setup with 3 monitors and ergonomic chair

A functional office space is slowly becoming a must-have in every home, regardless of size. As many companies transition to either a hybrid model or a permanent work-from-home setup, employees are forced to set aside valuable home space for at the very least a sturdy desk and ergonomic chair.

For the workspace, the right desk should have enough surface area to hold a computer or whatever device, any writing apparatus, and other accessories that help make working from a desk for 8 hours more bearable. Standing tables and adjustable pedestals are becoming more popular, as well as desks that can be attached to gym equipment like treadmills. This is largely due to the fact that working from home has rendered many sedentary.

As for the chair, it's crucial that you invest in high-quality seating that supports your back, has adjustable arm- and headrests, and is made of breathable design and material. Most office chairs will look too utilitarian or just not pretty, but thankfully, the pandemic gave way to brands who began to produce more aesthetically-pleasing chairs with a decorative touch.

Bedroom bench

Gray and white classic style bedroom

A bedroom bench is an underrated piece of furniture that is as functional as it is luxurious. Typically used as dressing stools (and when left unmanaged or neglected, can turn into a messy spot for piles of clothes and accessories), end-of-bed benches are a nice way to tie a primary bedroom together with the right materials and colorways. These furniture pieces located at the foot of the bed can also serve as stepping stones — since most benches will have a slightly lower height compared to the actual bed — for pets that sleep with their paw-rents at night.

Pick out a long seat or rectangular ottoman that's comfortable and well-cushioned, and spans roughly 3/4 of the bed's width. A classic silhouette with darts work best in a traditional style bedroom, while benches with extra storage provide valuable real estate for bed linens and throw pillows.

Bar cart

Alcoholic drinks and glassware atop a bar cart

The coronavirus pandemic has reinvented entertainment and recreation to be experienced mostly in the comforts of home. This shift has encouraged many homeowners and tenants to reinvent their personal spaces, and add features to their homes that they used to enjoy in public venues like watering holes, hobby venues, and workout studios.

A personal bar is great for hosting happy hours, engaging in quiet nightcaps, and entertaining guests. Interestingly enough, bars don't have to be an area where you serve alcohol if you're not even a drinker. Think juice bars or smoothie stations if you're a healthy eater.

Choose a movable bar cart for your drinks set-up, and take the party anywhere in your house that you see fit. A compact cart can serve as liquor storage tucked in a corner indoors or pushed to be a serving station outdoors.

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