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6 Home Décor Trends You'll See Everywhere In 2022

New year, new you — and maybe a new space? Take a look at 6 trends that ought to make 2022 a stylish year.

2022 is a chance to break old habits, pursue a new endeavor, try out something new. In interior design, the new year signals an opportunity to refresh a home and experiment with new styles and fashionable décor choices. Here are 6 home design and décor trends you will likely see in stylish public and private spaces in the following months.

Brown leahter couch in minimalist living room with cow print area rug

1. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is the neutral of choice for 2022. Tired of the 50 shades of gray that were all the rage the past year, many are looking to these brown shades for an easy everyday color that isn't too dark or too pristine. Brown is neutral enough to be universally-pleasing yet still underutilized in home décor that it feels unique and custom to a space. In addition, brown comes in many shades and tones that cover both the warm and cool spectrums.

This 2022, brown is no longer reserved for just hardwood floors or cabinetry and tables. Rich chocolate browns and sweet caramel hues can take form in leather couches, throw pillows, or accent frames and glass figurines. For a more minimalist take on chinoiserie, opt for a coffee-and-white print wallpaper.

In terms of color schemes, brown can act as a neutral when placed beside more vibrant colors. Let chocolate take a back seat and pair it with Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. The periwinkle blue will pop in a sea of neutral browns and whites, creating visual interest that's equal parts serene and dynamic. If you're not into the blue-purple hybrid, consider matching the rich shade of brown with a deep green — another buzz color for the year. This color palette screams natural and peaceful, without overusing cool tones like blue and white.

Blue cabinetry and wood countertops in corner kitchen

2. Colorful Kitchens

A 2022 prediction: white is out, color is in. And what better place to explore color than in one of the busiest spots in your home, the kitchen?

As people continue to spend more time in their homes especially their kitchens, there is an overwhelming need for many to make their spaces feel more personal. A great way to separate your home from the rest of the pack is to utilize a bright color many would be too afraid to try. Paint your kitchen cabinets and island, or implement colorful appliances like refrigerators and tabletop espresso machines.

For those with a less adventurous interior design style, dinnerware is a fun way to inject color in an otherwise minimalist space. As more and more people lean toward vintage home accessories, colored glassware is slowly becoming a mainstay in dining tables.

Close up of reclaimed tree trunk cut as decorative tray

3. Sustainable Practices

Speaking of vintage, sustainable shopping and decorating have become a norm in interior design and décor, much to the delight of planet Earth. More and more people are making the conscious decision to shop less frequently and with more purpose, and this most definitely extends to home commerce.

For the home, sustainability comes in the form of eco-friendly purchases and furnishings like energy-saving appliances, reclaimed wood-based furniture, and secondhand home accessories. Reclaimed materials and antique items bring so much character into a home, making a space more personal and less cookie-cutter. Vintage ware tell a story, and sustainable touches make a design style more intentional and heartwarming. Display your family heirlooms, restore an old china cabinet and cutlery, and incorporate raw and natural elements instead of going for synthetic pieces.

Leather and wood chairs in banquet set up

4. Pet-Friendly Furniture

The pandemic sparked a public interest in pet adoption, as many single-dwellers felt the need for company during a time when they couldn't socialize face-to-face. This lifestyle shift has made way for pet-accommodating home items to take center stage in best seller lists.

Pets are known to be quite destructive and messy — especially as babies or before they begin training — which is why as pet owners, it's important to invest in high-quality items that resist tears and are easy to clean.

Swap your cloth couches for more hardworking and sturdy materials like scratch-proof leatherettes or plastic. Tightly woven fabrics that are not as easy to pick are pet owner favorites, so hide that fancy white loose-thread area rug while you're in the process of house training your furry companion. And while you're at it, consider individual, easy-to-replace chair pads and cushions so potty accidents can be less heart-wrenching.

Black and white minimalist kitchen in a closed concept floor plan

5. Closed Concept Floor Plans

If you're at all familiar with interior design speak, you've probably heard of open floor plans. The past decade or so has really made this concept big in the field, especially as homes become smaller and need to take on multiple functions for the homeowner.

That said, the pandemic has changed the way we view and use our homes on a daily basis. The increasing demand for privacy and quiet time has lent to the resurgence of close concept homes, citing the traditional has its pros in segmenting aspects of one's life. Close floor plans allow for home offices to be kept separate from noisy children or pets, and bedrooms to serve as refuge after a stressful workday.

Curved coffee table and floor poof in minimalist style living room

6. Curved Home Items

Curves read safe and welcoming versus angular builds that scream functional and rigid. For 2022, interior designers are more deliberate when it comes to creating a warm personal space where people can entertain guests, unwind after a long day and really just enjoy coming home to.

Smaller spaces benefit greatly from curved furniture like round tables or circular seating as the lack of angles helps lengthen your line of sight. The soft curves do little to cut the space — unlike stiff corners — thus opening up the entire area. If you ever decide to forego an open concept plan for your home, curved furnishings are the way to go.

New year, new you — and a new space perhaps? Browse through our wide array of property listings; you might just find your forever home, or stumble upon a potential investment this 2022.