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Decorate Your Home with these 5 Accent Pieces

Decorating your home can feel a bit daunting if you don't know where to begin, what with all the space and the money needed to fill it. So start small, focus on the details, and go for accent décor pieces that are easy to move around and replace.

Are you tired of seeing the same thing everyday and are feeling uninspired with how your personal space currently looks? While a gut remodel seems ideal - start with a blank canvas and build on whatever your heart desires it's just not a reasonable choice for many homeowners and tenants. Budget, space, and time constraints are real. And more often than not, designing a home falls low on one's priority list.

Thankfully, your space's overall interior design can be upgraded tenfold with the right furniture and home décor. Accent furnishings and decorations are particularly great since they build a lot of impact in small numbers.

Accent pieces are anything that's meant to stand out in a space. These are home items that are visually stimulating and when done right, can even help hide flaws and crooks that you would rather not display front and center. And because they pack such a visual punch, it only makes sense that they're used sparingly in a home. This is great news for homeowners who can't justify a full on design job or for tenants who love to change out ornaments every season.

Whether you're an interior design commitment-phobe or just love to switch out your décor based on your moods, there are accent pieces that will work for you and your beloved home. Start out with the 5 examples mentioned on this list, and slowly make your way into a well-decorated space that is anything but boring.

Framed Artwork

White wall filled with framed prints and artwork of varying sizes

Artwork is an easy way to bring focus to a certain part of your space. Whether it's on a wall or atop a credenza by your entryway, paintings, sculptures, and prints automatically create interest and are shoo-ins as conversation starters among family and guests.

If you're feeling a bit adventurous and have money to spare, you can opt to work with a plethora of wall hangings of varying shapes and sizes art pieces, prints, clocks, hanging plants, vinyl records, even decorative plates. The trick is to follow a particular color palette or theme when choosing what goes on in your DIY gallery wall.

Another pro tip: plan out your art wall and finalize measurements before hanging anything, and always start from the middle. No one wants to deal with plastering holes in the wall just because you miscalculated where to hammer in the hooks.

Decorative Storage

Wooden storage chest turned coffee table with coffee setup atop

Storage furniture wardrobes, cupboards, and display shelving units are typically large pieces of furniture, making them fine candidates for accent decorating. Choose pieces with interesting shapes and outstanding details, or impose those details yourself by painting these home items in a a new color or adding in special handles, knobs, and other hardware.

Boxes and baskets, when arranged intentionally in a "storage system," can be considered accents so long as they match and serve to become a singular focal point in a space. An antique chest is another imposing piece of furniture that can easily double as a coffee table and storage for your couch blankets.

Pillows & Throws

Green and orange motif for and pillow covers - one succulent print - and throw blankets

Pillow covers, throws, and linens in general are a great, non-committal, and cost-efficient way of decorating your home since you have to change out and wash your textiles regularly anyway. They're considered a good starting point for experimenting with interior design and home décor, since they come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures.

Many homeowners are often afraid to step out of their comfort zones when it comes to bigger investment furniture such as sofas, beds, and dining tables. This leads to homes decorated with neutral furniture in basic makes and simple designs. While that's perfectly fine for someone with a minimalist personal style for interior design, it may not be preferable for someone who likes a bit of color and visually interesting shapes. That's where textiles come into play they're fairly inexpensive, which means you can easily switch them out once you've gone tired of them.

Like the artworks in your gallery wall, you'll definitely benefit from following a color palette when it comes to your textiles and linens. Feel free to play around with prints and textures, and breathe new life to your personal space.

Accent Seating

Wicker peacock chair in corner of living area

In smaller spaces, accent pieces often take the form of furniture versus mere décor. One popular choice in this regard is accent seating. Functional doesn't have to mean visually bland, and that's what an accent chair or two proves in a home.

Opt for strong forms and interesting shapes, outstanding upholstery, different makes, and standout colors for your accent chairs. Pick a large comfy armchair for your reading nook, or a wicker throne (that's padded!) in place of the typical office wheelie.

Another place where an accent chair works fantastically is in your dining space with a table and seating set. In this case, you can introduce a chair in a different style from the rest of the dining furniture. Think a midcentury modern slipper at the head of an otherwise traditional and rustic table and ladderback chairs.

Indoor Plants

Gray cement planters full of succulents and snake plants in middle of modern style apartment

Any space - big or small - will benefit from a touch of green. Indoor plants are not only visually appealing but are also good for your health and the environment.

From their bright hues to their interesting growths, plants are art in itself and deserve a spot in your home, whether that be in the kitchen or your bedroom balcony. A mini herb garden by the window over a sink can work wonders in a blank white kitchen and dining space. On the other hand, a terrace filled to the brim with greenery offers a two-fold design impact since the plants beautify not only your personal space but also the outdoor façade of your house.

And if you want to make an even bigger statement with your leafy friends, think about building a greenhouse of sorts smack in the middle of your open space. Plants in this case can serve as room dividers while being the most interesting thing anyone can ever find in any home. Just make sure to be diligent in caring for them and giving them the space to grow.

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