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7 Interior Design Trends To Know In 2023

A month and a half in, you've probably seen some of these trends in your Instagram feed or go-to Pinterest boards. Which interior design trend of 2023 do you want to implement in your own space?

February may seem like an odd time to talk annual interior design trends, but hear me out: now that you're more or less settled in and getting back into the groove of things, your mind is much clearer and has that space to think about what you want to do and what you want to see in your spaces. You're no longer swayed by post-holiday sales and chances are, you've seen the trendsetters implement their versions of these trends in their own spaces. Which means, you're actually able to assess how these trends look like in real life and you can decide which ones will work for your personal space.

From the power of brown to our continued inclination toward sustainability, 2023 seems to be following some of the core trends from previous years. That said, 2023 is also ushering in the resurgence of older styles like Murano glass and Machuca tiles.

So what are some of the top interior design trends you need to know in 2023? And which ones do you think you'll want to integrate into your homes?

# 1 Earth tones are this year's neutrals.

Bedroom receiving natural light from left window with slats and a red curtain

Beiges and browns continue to reign supreme this 2023. The warm neutrals that remind us so well of the 1990s are making a bold return to the mainstream thanks to the cool kids on Instagram thinking the 90s are now "retro." A softer way of incorporating color, these caramels and earth tones like mauve feel bright without looking kitschy and layered without looking overdone. The low vibrance makes these colors especially great neutral alternatives.

Warm neutrals, like their cooler counterparts black and gray, are pretty easy to style since they act as the perfect base for any space. Pair them with muted reds and greens if you want a dash of color in your homes, or keep it 100% minimal like a Japandi-style cafe and focus on the whites, beiges, and warm woods.

#2 Natural materials are still on everyone's list.

Wooden chair with woven seat beside a white couch in brown living room

Since warm neutrals are on the top of everyone's trend list, it just makes sense that interior designers and decorators flock toward materials that naturally use these colors - in this case, natural makes like woods, rattan, and dried bamboo. These natural materials exude a warmth and casual vibe that makes homes look and feel more lived in.

And because sustainability is always in, furniture and home pieces made of earthy and compostable materials are always welcome in a space. Don't be afraid to mix and match materials — there's so much variety in woods alone, much more woven makes — and play to the natural textures that these items already have.

#3 Modern maximalism is layered without looking cluttered.

Brown open shelving behind floral patterned accent chair on a checkered printed floor

Modern maximalism is all about living with and displaying the things and pieces that you love. These are keepsakes and heirlooms that remind you of core memories and represent a romanticism to your life and the world around you.

What makes modern maximalism well, modern, is the fact that this particular style depends on neutral backgrounds and lighter walls to accentuate the display of personal art and decor. Since this style demands the display of multiple items — most of which may not match — in a singular space, it's very easy to make this look cluttered if the walls or shelves are equally visually interesting. By sticking to white walls and simple wooden shelves, the decor pieces have the chance to really shine and demand attention.

#4 Glass is a statement.

Round glass center table with coasters and jars atop

Similar to this year's inclination to go natural, more and more artists and designers are experimenting with materials like ceramics and glass for home decor and furniture. Glass in particular can be played around with in so many different ways, from basic styling like transparent glass tables to grandiose and loud designs like glass-blown sculptures of different colors and sizes.

For statement glass that your guests won't ever miss, go for the fabulous Italian Murano styles from the early 1980s. These colorful glass objects are a delight to see in any area of the home, but specifically on ceilings as statement chandeliers and kitchens as statement wares.

#5 Think texture on walls and tiles.

Brown, white, and yellow floral and geometric pattern tiles made of cork, pebbles, ceramic, and stone

For all the non-minimalist designers and decorator out there, here's an interior design trend for you!

Tiles and walls need not be boring (or be just one color) if that's not your style. In fact, 2023 demands that these elements in your home have a more vibrant personality this time around. Playing around with textures is a great way to amplify the visual aesthetic of a space, and what better way to try this hack out than in spaces that are usually left blank or minimally designed, like your walls and floors.

The easy way is to pick out a simple subway tile and call it a day, but there are many options out there that don't just look like a piece of white rectangle. Machuca tiles are particularly famous in Philippine heritage or Spanish style homes, and chevron or hexagonal cuts are a fun contemporary option for modern spaces. Recently, tile makers have also come up with mixed-material pieces like cork and concrete tiles, or ceramic and stone. Moreover, terrazzo and mosaic are continuing to replace the uncut slabs of marble in personal kitchens and bathrooms.

For walls and painted floors, texture can mean varied painting techniques that create layered looks like sponging or splatter. Texture can also mean tactile variations like organic and handcrafted wallpapers or floor tiles.

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#6 Say yes to curves.

Curved concrete bathtub in outdoor hybrid bathroom

Curves are staying strong on the trends leaderboard, and 2023 will continue to see these soft arches in well-designed retail stores, aesthetic hotspots, and stunning homes.

Mostly used for minimalist spaces, these round corners in interior design bring a visual interest that breaks apart your usual angles and harsh cuts. The curves feel fluid, and therefore open up a space even more than their rectangular counterparts.

#7 There's always something to learn from history.

Brown fabric seating and table setup in a home office

Vintage is always in, and 2023's no exception to this rule. With sustainability and circularity becoming key themes and trends in people's lifestyles, it just makes sense to look to older materials and items that are still 100% usable in homes. Not only are secondhand pieces sometimes cheaper (if you know where to look!) but they also have that non-replicable character that makes a space look 10x more unique.

Another fun pro of designing in vintage is that you quite literally introduce history into your space. Heritage design is beautiful and stylistic, all while being riddled with visual interest and personal meanings. Decorate with inherited heirlooms and celebrate family traditions while doing so, or simply invite in new/old furnitures that remind you of your favorite art and design eras — like with all design styles, the possibilities are endless even in historical design!