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8 Romantic Activities for This Year's Valentine's

Express love in simple gestures through these swoon-worthy Valentine’s day activities.

What is Valentine’s Day like for busy parents in the new normal? When it can’t be a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant, what does the celebration of love become? This year, you may even be introducing St. Valentine to your lovely little one. With possibly a Valentine’s Day for three at hand and just enough time to make a simple gesture of love, you can still make everyone feel the butterflies through these activities. Keep reading to learn more!

A man and a woman watching the sunset.
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You probably know already but Valentine's Day of 2022 is a Monday. Yes, it’s when work and school grind start. Luckily, you won’t have to spend the lovely day like a regular and demanding Monday. Check out these creative gestures you can do:

1) Breakfast in Bed

The smell of freshly brewed coffee served with a hearty breakfast in bed may be all that your partner needs to meet the day with a sweet smile. How priceless and thoughtful could that breakfast be? Imagine cozying up in your bed linens and just greeting the sunrise together on Valentine’s day. If you’re lucky, you might even hear birds serenading you with love songs. In these moments, simplicity is enough to create monumental moments to cherish and remember.

A couple having breakfast in bed.
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2) Cozy Movie Night

How about sharing a blanket to cuddle and watch a romantic comedy movie together? When the lights are out and the little ones are asleep, just indulge in one movie night with your partner. Don’t forget the mandatory popcorn and chocolates to keep the ambiance more romantic. Sit back and relive your early days as a couple, going to the cinemas and giggling at the first movie you watched together. You don’t even have to like the movie. You just have to enjoy each other’s company.

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3) Valentine’s Day Photoshoot

Like millennial couples creating bucket lists together, you might want to dress up with your partner and have a cute Valentine’s day photo shoot. The theme is up to your creative imagination! You can be inspired by core memories that you enjoyed together when you were younger. For example, you can dress up as high school kids doing homework together or simply wear matching pajamas as if on a sleepover. If you want, you can also include your little one in the photoshoot. The effort will be worthwhile for the photos you get to keep for life!

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4) Quick Drive at Sunset

Wind down from a long day’s work by going on a road trip under a warm blanket of orange sky. Cue in your favorite love songs and watch the city hustle homeward. Dive into that nostalgia and romantic escape.

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You can even park in an open space and just watch the sunset with refreshing drinks. Just remember to avoid alcoholic beverages when you have to drive. One more thing, check the weather reports to make sure this activity is possible for you. Otherwise, you can always save it for another day as if every day is Valentine’s day.

5) Slow Dancing Under the Stars

If you live in a condominium with a balcony or with an open park, make the stars your witness as you slow dance through the night. Throwback prom night when you were swiftly dancing along the lovely evening breeze wondering if you’ve met your true love.

A high school promenade.
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Well, now you’re seeing your true love eye to eye, with the same evening breeze and the same sparkling stars. It does not matter if you’ve got two left feet. Just tango yourself to having a memorable Valentine’s day!

Make sure your kid is comfortably snoozing in a lullaby. But you can always bring him or her along because who says you can’t?

6) Valentine’s Day Exchange Gifts

You don’t always need a reason to give gifts but Valentine’s day is surely a good one. From the usual flowers, chocolates, couple paraphernalia, and even “sexy times”, you have a lot of options to choose from. They’re all perfectly valid as expressions of love! Just take into account your partner’s love language to make it more special.

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Well, show no favoritism and have a gift prepared for your kid too! It does not have to be tangible, it just has to convey the meaning of Valentine’s day. Nevertheless, anytime is a good time to let your kid know of your love.

7) Fancy Dinner at Home

When you can’t go out for a fancy dinner at a restaurant, why not bring that fancy dinner at home? In the new normal, almost everything is available online. You can have a perfect Valentine’s day dinner delivered at your doorstep. Steak, pasta, and a candle-lit dinner table all set up for you. Just remember to also order food that your little one would like! Then, all that’s left to do is time off work and dress up as you would for a romantic champagne night.

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8) Pre-Valentine’s Weekend Getaway

A Valentine’s Day on a Monday should not hinder you from having a romantic weekend getaway. How so? Book your getaway trip on the weekend before February 14! This can be a good time to relax with your family and refresh your mind before heading to work the following week.

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If you live in Metro Manila, a quick escapade down South is always a good idea! From glamping to beach resort staycation, you have a lot of activities to do that are now possible without interacting with a lot of people. That is, vacation places comply with health protocols and minimum guests allowable per day.

It’s the Company that Matters

These activities aim to make your Valentine’s day celebration simple yet meaningful. They don’t take up much time and effort too. However, these activities only serve to complement what truly matters in the celebration of love: the company, the beloved. Planned activities always have room for spontaneity. Don’t let unexpected events confuse you about what or whom Valentine’s day is for.