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Virtual Walkthroughs in Property Listings

Having attractive listing photos may not just be enough to close that deal. Take it up a notch by integrating virtual walkthroughs in your listings.

Technology has taken over how most businesses operate at present. With the pandemic still ongoing, most operations are online for any industry. Now, It all boils down to how you can be a step ahead of your competitors.

In the real estate industry, digital marketing and listing online have changed how the game is played. Unless you have abundant connections, it can be quite challenging to acquire leads, especially when you do not have enough presence online.

In case you are already online, it’s time to take it up a notch to attract potential buyers. Aside from having an attractive property listing, you can opt to go an extra step further by having a virtual walkthrough.

Having a virtual walkthrough can set you apart from other agents or sellers by giving prospective buyers a more holistic buying experience that is aligned with current conditions. Better buying experience can translate to faster purchases. When done correctly and effectively, it also makes the listing look premium.

What is a virtual walkthrough?

A virtual walkthrough can mean two things: a 3D virtual tour or a video tour.

A 3D virtual tour is an interactive tour that can be navigated by the audience at their own pace. It requires special software and gear to create a 3D duplicate of the property. This is especially great for pre-selling properties or properties that have yet to be constructed. Although, it can also be substantial to existing properties by allowing the viewers to see actual sights of the home in a natural progression as if they were walking through the home in person.

A video tour on the other hand is a tour shot with a host to showcase the space. It is not as interactive as the 3D virtual tour given that the flow of the tour is definite. However, it is still a good way of giving buyers an idea of how it would be like when they visit the property.

Each type can cater to different needs of buyers, but both have the same goal: to highlight the property for sale.

Virtual reality equipment on the table.

Best Practices For Your Virtual Walkthroughs

Although 3D virtual tours and video tours are different in terms of execution, some practices apply to both mediums. These are as follows:

Give life to space with home staging. As with attractive listing photos, video walkthroughs must feature a decorated space to give prospective buyers an idea of how the property would look when lived in. Give viewers a sense of how big the space is with certain furniture. Make no space for clutter and only put intentional pieces of furniture that could accentuate the best parts of the home.

Have consistent and ample lighting throughout. Lighting plays an important role in altering a person’s impression of a room’s size and overall feel. A dim “moody” lighting can make a space smaller and more gloomy. A brightly lit room is seen as spacious and more inviting. Throughout the tour, make sure that the lighting is consistent from start to finish so that the good first impression will last until the end.

Choose viewpoints that reflect a natural perspective. As much as possible, you would like to replicate the in-person experience with your tour. Make sure to choose angles in a manner that is similar to how a person would view the space when they are taking the tour in person.

Highlight unique features of the property. Similar to your listing photos, highlight the special features of the home you are showcasing. Remember: the virtual walkthrough is to supplement the listing that has attracted them in the first place.

Check for consistency for all the materials. As much as possible, you want the buying experience to be cohesive and consistent throughout until the actual sale. Having different materials such as listing photos, descriptions, and virtual walkthroughs would only make the buyer confused.


Overall, the goals of having a virtual walkthrough are to create a better customer experience for prospective buyers and showcase the property at its fullest potential. Although preparations and executions would require you to expend more resources, this initiative can bring back good returns and potentially help you to close that sale.


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