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Ways to Prepare Your Listings for Next Year

Update your property listings for the coming year to attract more potential buyers by following these tips.

It’s the holiday season and most people are taking their time off. For property sellers like you, you may want to keep your home off the market until the new year. But that doesn’t mean you cannot take advantage of this extra time you have until January comes around the corner.

Keep the listing off the market for a reset. This is especially a good move if your property has been in the market for quite a long time. This will help in keeping it from looking like it gathers no interest. You can take this time to strategize when to reintroduce the property to the market. But when you do, make sure to make your listing even better than it was before.

Remove any holiday decorations. In case you staged your property for the holidays, now’s the right time to remove them and prepare for the new year’s. The general rule is to make the place tidier and presentable.

A real estate agent in black and white suit inspecting the property.

Do a property inspection. It’s always a good idea to check the property for any issues or repairs. It’s best to welcome the new year with no maintenance problem for you and your potential client.

Update your listing photos. If you had not had the opportunity to hire a photographer to take photos of your property, now is the time! Attractive listing photos catch the attention of viewers.

Rule of thumb: photos should aid the viewers in imagining themselves walking through the property.

Here are some photography tips to help you improve your listing photos for next year.

a.) Have good and even lighting throughout the property – it could be artificial or natural lighting. As long as it serves its purpose, any kind of light is fine. Try to minimize the shadows in your photos.

b.) Get a good angle that shows almost the totality of the space. You can achieve this by taking the photo from the corner. That way, viewers can have an idea of how big the place is.

c.) Make sure that the place is clean and presentable. Never feature your place messy! This might drive away potential buyers.

For more tips, you can check out our property listing guide here.

Photo of the living room taken from the corner with even lighting.

Update your listing description. Make sure that your listing description is up to date and accounts for the changes you may have made over the last few months. Describe the property in a way that it creates visual imagery – but still stay accurate to your property!

Being proactive when it comes to preparations has more benefits. Property selling can be a stressful job but it becomes more manageable when you make preparations for any transitions you may make. This can help you avoid any mistakes and can lead you to your first step in achieving your selling goals.