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What A Dream Kitchen Looks Like For Designers In 2022

White kitchens are out. For 2022, color is making its way back to the heart of the home.

Kitchens are often front and center when it comes to interior design and creating value for the home. They get a lot of foot traffic and in many ways, reflect how we live our lives, how busy we are, and what we prioritize in our daily routines. Kitchens are easy to transform into any place we need them to be, and let's be real: there's absolutely nothing wrong with spending majority of your home time where you store, cook, and eat your food.

So taking into account design and décor trends is really more than just for pure aesthetic; these trends are emblematic of what bigger purpose these spaces serve in our daily life. Whether it be brighter colors and prints that scream hope or utilitarian finishes that make home living more fitting, these designer-approved tips will make your dream kitchen a joy to be in and a reality in 2022.

Bold and Sleek Colors

Green teal kitchen cabinetry with matching side island and white upholstered bar stools

White kitchens — popular in previous years — tend to feel a bit flat or monotonous, which may not be your cup of tea especially if you're looking to create an impact with your kitchen. Fortunately, designers have forecasted that in 2022, color is making its way back to the heart of the home.

Injecting color into the kitchen creates dimension without the bulk. And when done correctly, does not have to feel costume-y or like it's a movie set. The trick is to use bold yet sleek colors instead of overbright shades (unless that's your style, of course!) like rich jewel tones or darker tones. If you don't know which color to choose for your personal space, why not opt for Pantone's Color of the Year 2022, Very Peri? This bluish purple works best in walls or accent accessories, but can also create quite a buzz in kitchen cabinetry.

Another benefit of foregoing white and using bolder, maybe darker hues is that stains hide well in color. You're less likely to fear experimenting with your cooking if you're not bothered by any food marks on your cabinet doors or backsplash.

Statement Backsplash, Counters, and Tiles

Warm veined marble on kitchen island with matching backsplash in white kitchen

In the same vein as the bold colors, prints bring a visual interest to an otherwise flat kitchen. Wallpaper is an obvious route, but tiles and countertops are equally effective, especially if you want an understated, natural pattern like stone or wood. The details in a large scale veined marble, for example, makes for a standout island and a memorable kitchen that's 100% worth the splurge.

For a seamless transition from the walls to the countertops, consider using the same material in the island and the backsplash or the floor if you're using tiles or slabs. This makes the statement take up a bigger visual space, and can almost meld into the overall kitchen design when used accordingly.

If you're not into color and would like to stick to your white kitchen, a statement slab may be the key to making sure your kitchen space is anything but boring.

Mixed Metal Treatments‌‌

Mix metals in kitchen with gold cabinet handles, stainless steel appliances, and silver fixtures

If there's anything true about 2022 interior design, it's that character reigns supreme in a personal space. We're still spending a big chunk of our day indoors, which makes it more imperative that we make our spaces our own.

An economical and low-commitment way to imbue personality in a space and in your kitchen is through hardware and fixtures. Metals are a standard choice material in these items, and can easily tie an entire room together. Cabinet door handles, paper towel holders, pot fillers — there are endless possibilities when it comes to accessorizing your kitchen with metals.

Mixing metals is nothing new, but many are still afraid to do it. The trick is to limit yourself to two metals — silver and gold, brass and rose gold — and make sure you're using each type in almost equal amounts. One silver accessory in a sea of gold looks like a mistake, when you want every design decision to be deliberate.

Custom Storage Solutions

Custom wood laminate and black and glass cabinets in wall shelving unit in a classic style kitchen

These days, people are eager to find creative yet functional ways to store their items. In a busy spot like the kitchen, organization is as important — okay, maybe a close second — as the food and kitchen appliances. Kitchens have to be hardworking and with custom storage, you can really hit the nail on what you need your space to do.

Built in appliances are another aspect of custom cabinetry. A great way to achieve cohesive design in a space is to make sure everything has its place and fits into a larger image or display, such as a wall shelving unit filled with cabinets, drawers, and cubbies for everyday appliances.

Smart Kitchens

Smart refrigerator in white and silver kitchen

If there's anything the pandemic had made clearer to us, it's that technology reigns supreme. Going online has become a necessity, forcing generations who grew up without internet to adapt. 2 years later, it's safe to say many have learned to cope with the switch.

A practical way to utilize tech in a home that even older people can appreciate is through smart appliances. High-tech refrigerators can go as far as doing inventory of your food, and washing machines can work on your laundry on schedule. For the kitchen, smart home technology can be as generic as smart plugs and extensions that can make simple electronics "smart", or as specific like smart fridges that can even let you tweet.

Outdoor Stations

Outdoor kitchen as shot by Heather Rimmer and posted on Gardening ETC

As more and more people change lifestyles - moving away from the city and trading accessibility for more space and proximity to nature - so do homes and how they function. Living rooms and kitchens extend to outdoor spaces, giving homeowners multiple options for dining and recreation.

If you're lucky enough to have outdoor real estate (and if not, now's a good time to be looking at other property listings in the Philippines) then by all means build a second kitchen that makes eating al fresco a breeze. This can also be a great spot for entertaining guests, and you don't even have to worry about anyone messing up your most prized home items.

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